That backpacker that travels with Louboutins and a Chanel bag

Yup, that’s me. And yes, I know it sounds ridiculous. But when you’re staying at your stepmom in-law in Kuala Lumpur and she says to you: ‘I don’t fit my Louboutins anymore, you want to have them?’, you say yes! Well, you try them on first and when they fit, you say yes. And jump around the kitchen like a crazy person, cause you’re so happy. Yup, that’s me.

And you all know the story about the Chanel bag (if not, check it out here).
It’s safe to say I am a very, very lucky girl!

What I’m wearing
H&M top
LOAVIES trousers
CHANEL rock-in-rome bag

outfit_louboutins_chanel1 outfit_louboutins_chanel2 outfit_louboutins_chanel3

Photos by Rick, taken at the KLCC Park (Kuala Lumpur).
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A grateful update

A few weeks ago I took a break from the online world and wrote an article about it that got a lot of heart-warming responses. Even though you sort of know what happened next (Hello new blog!), I thought it might be good to post a little update.

In case you’re just tuning in (welcome!), let me give you a little recap:
In June I left my home in The Netherlands to travel the world with the love of my life. An amazing adventure, yet I noticed I wasn’t enjoying it. As I haven’t been enjoying things for months, maybe even years. Always so focused on creating content, taking the perfect picture. I’m not truly experiencing what’s happening around me. During my online break I even realized I was making decisions based on what would be best for my blog, vlog or Instagram. If something could become an Instagram-hit, then that’s what I’d do, where I’d go or what I’d buy. Not good.

I realized I don’t want to create great moments to capture, I want to capture great moments that happen. I don’t want to blog according to what’s expected from the typical fashion blogger, I want to blog about my life. It’s the reason I redesigned my blog, the reason I publish more colorful photos, the reason I changed my blogname to my own name and the reason I publish columns. Cause one thing I also realized is that through the years, writing has always given me positive energy. More energy than putting a perfect flatlay together, for example.

Here come the personal thank-you‘s

As I said before, hitting the ‘publish’ or ‘share’ button means so much more when you put something online that you truly stand for. And it means even more when you get great responses to that something you’re passionate about. That’s exactly what happened when I publish the article about my online break, and it warmed my heart. From people I’ve never met, bloggers I’ve seen once or twice, old friends on Facebook to close friends.. The support was and is amazing.

For example Kim, who I spoke to once or twice through e-mail. She send me a long Facebook message about how she took a digital break, started blogging about her real life and how it made her blog and vlog grow harder than when she tried to create the perfect-cactus-instagram-page (as she calls it herself haha). You go girl! She was one of many bloggers that told me they also struggle or have struggled with this.

Than there’s another Kim, a blogger from my hometown I spoke to a few times, who actually started to feel sorry for me, because she saw me posting vlog after blog after insta-post, and so on and so on…

People reacted so supportively about my idea to post more real things, instead of perfect pictures. Like Denise, Cristel, Nora and Denise van Dalen. Also a big thank you to Sabine, Romy, Génesis, Amanda, the girls from Tales of Silk, Milou, Maria, Nicky, Saranda, Francine, Cindy and everyone I’m forgetting, for taking the time to comment and share your experiences!

What’s next

I am a perfectionist that will always love fashion next to writing and traveling. I like to put together cool outfits, capture it in front of a cool background and share it with whoever’s inspired by it. Therefore some might not see a big change, but in the background (read: my mind) there has been a change. Choosing my own name as my blog name is a reminder to myself that every post should always be something that I, Lian Galliard, stand for.

Guys, your comments truly made the choice to create less hard and more logical. Thank you for that!

Sydney Views

Today’s pic of the day: Looking over the South Pacific Ocean from Shark Point, Clovelly Australia. So beautiful! A post about this amazing coast to coast route will follow soon!

Favorite places to shop in Bali

Let me first say I only saw about 10% of Bali, mostly Seminyak and Canggu, so to say I’ve seen and compared every store in Bali… No. But from the stores I saw (and that was a lot!), these are the five I like most!


French designer Magali Pascal’s collections are a mix of French elegance and minimalism with a touch of bohemian vintage. He has three stores in Bali and one in Sydney where I am at the moment (Yeah!). I tried on about 15 items when I visited Magali Pascal in Oberoi and the poor staff helped me with every item. Sorry for keeping you busy guys, everything is just so pretty! I bought an amazing dress you saw in this outfit post and a necklace I’ll show you very soon.


One day we were having lunch at Pison in Petitenget, and a man with an awesome pair of sunnies sat down next to us. Because I was too chicken to ask, Rick asked the man where he bought them. He was so kind that he actually took us to the store: Prisoners of St. Petersburg. The store is packed with sunnies and after comtemplating which of three to get, I bought this one. Next to sunnies they sell trendy clothes and accessories. It looks like they sell designer stuff as well, but if you check out the prices you’ll know that €100 for a pair of Gucci heels is not realistic. Despite of some fakes, I really loved this cute trendy store.


Just the sight of Wanderlust is good: It’s a minimal store that gives you a perfect view of all the bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear items. And those are good. If it wasn’t for the 6 bikinis I already owned, I’d go wild in here! Good news, they’re working on an online store!


Concept stores in Bali are awesome! This concept store sells real cool unique minimalistic items for your home, you office, your accessory draw and your closet. The extra cool thing about BŪRO Collaborative is that it’s located in the same space as Living Stone Bakery and Faculty. Two places we’d love to eat, drink coffee and get some work done. And while Rick was working, I’d always have a look what BŪRO Collaborative would literary have in store for me.


We got into the surf vibe when we were in Bali and so we visited quite some surf shops. I loved Drifter the most, because they sells all kinds of stuff next to awesome surfboards. Trendy fashion brands (like Faithfull the brand and OneTeaspoon!), cool sunnies, pretty jewelry, colorful books and way too many awesome bikinis. They sell awesome male clothing as well. Another cool thing about Drifter: A part of the store is actually a café. I love in-store cafes!


Want to see how it all went down? Check out my shopping vlog!

A new start: From Fashion Hoax to Lian Galliard

Four years ago I published my blog with one simple click, not knowing that today it would be my job. I’m very thankful for all the wonderful encounters, trips, events, nominations, features and collaborations Fashion Hoax has brought me.

Despite of all the amazing things I’ve accomplished as a blogger, I still am a true Fashion Hoax: to me there’s more than just fashion. I realize that more and more now that I’m getting older (the big 3-0 is around the corner!) and now that I’m traveling. But what I realize most is I blog according to what is expected from the so called fashionblogger, instead of blogging about what’s really happening in my life. And I lead a pretty awesome life, if I may say so myself, as I left my home behind to travel the world for an indefinite period of time. At the moment I live in fashionable Sydney.

So now what, no more fashion?

Will you not be blogging about fashion anymore? That will never happen, fashion is my thing. It has been ever since I tried on my mothers clothes as a little girl for the first time. And today I still love the dress-up parties I have every morning.

But next to fashion I also love traveling and writing. I’m sort of a little Carrie Bradshaw, minus 50 pairs of Manolo’s. They wont fit in my backpack. And let’s not forget that I don’t have the money for it..

I want to blog about what I like and a first step in the good direction is a name change: From Fashion Hoax to Lian Galliard. That’s me btw, hi! will be filled with columns about thirty-something female problems, travel tips and travel stories, and good old outfit photo’s. But also random ‘Pic(k)s of the day’ without further explanation. Just because I can on my own personal blog.

She’s crazy! Is she?

Some people might think this is the stupidest thing I could do, for me it’s something that finally get’s me excited again. Pushing the ‘Publish’ or ‘Share’ button is so much more fun when you put something online that you truly stand for. And if other people like it as well, well that’s just awesome!

Out of my black-and-white-background-comfort-zone

Rick has been trying to convince me to put more color in my life. He already brings the color in my life, but he means literally. Now, it will be quite a task to put color into my wardrobe, but he’s doing quite a good job of getting me out of my black-and-white-background-comfort-zone. There was the purple wall yesterday, the pink wall today.. And I must admit, I like it! And since I’m trying to listen more to myself instead of looking at what others do, here’s another colorful background. I have a feeling there will be more..

What I’m wearing
COSTES top & belt
H&M shorts


Why you should try something new sometimes

That time you can’t find a good location to shoot and you try something new that turns out great. And so it seems, sometimes it’s good to try something new, like posing for a purple wall. Who knew army green and purple would be such a match?!

What I’m wearing
H&M shorts
SENSO shoes (via sarenza)

outfit_bellsleeve4 outfit_bellsleeve3 outfit_bellsleeve2

Sunday column: How do surf chicks keep looking good on the board?

If you expect an answer to his question, click away this page. This is not a ‘How-To’ article, this is a true question. So answers are very welcome!

After three surfing sessions I can hardly call myself a surf chick, even though I did stand on the board several times. My first wave I was actually on it more than five seconds and won my bet to Rick. Though he thinks I didn’t win, because the next wave (his first wave) he was also on the board for more than five seconds. We eventually compromised: I won this bet because Rick is always better at sports.

So I’m a surf chick to be. I like surfing and I feel good when I do it, even though I kind of suck. After this column is done, we’re gonna go back to the beach to rent a board #fanatic.

Yes, I’m excited about the first sport I really like. So excited, that when I walk into the ocean, the fashion girl inside of me disappears. Not by choice! You can hardly look good when you’re in the ocean. Well, maybe when you’re floating on a board in your perfectly cut-out swimsuit, trying to capture your perfect next instagram photo. My opinion though is that a lot of surf chicks look kind of fucked up during the sport. The good kind of fucked, the I’m-totally-into-my-sport kind of fucked up.

Hello butt crack!

Here in Bali my hair bun gets flushed out by a wave every 15 seconds. After an hour I’ve got a lost elastic hanging somewhere in my hair and the other locks are stuck to my wed face. My red, burned face I might add. The sun loves bare skin spot on the open sea.

Next to the hair, the waves also love to flush my face, including nose and mouth. Although I find it embarrassing to blow my nose in public, during surfing I blow my snot right into the water with a handkerchief or a hand in front of it. Same goes for my saltwater spit.

And then there’s the bikini bottom. Don’t expect it to stay in place when you’re trying to catch a good wave or when you get wiped off your board. Everyone at Kuta Beach has seen my butt crack by now. In between the waves there’s just no time to pull my bottom out of my butt cheeks, no time to put my bun back together and properly dispose of my snot. What if a wave flushes me away or worse, I miss out on a great wave! Told you I was a fanatic.

But there’s one beauty-thing I really hate about surfing: Your hair gets wet every day. I love my thick hair, but it’s not that typical beach girl hair that looks even better when spending a day in salty water. ‘Salty hair, don’t care’ my ass. I’m not the type that washes her hair once every two weeks (yuk), but to was hit every day? Having to blow-dry and curl/straighten it again? Not good form y bleached hair.

So ladies, let’s go with those tips!


On top of the world (sort of)

How can something so big and powerful make you look so small, yet feel so strong? I’m not much of a dare devil, so standing next to a waterfall or catching a (small) wave during surfing, might be the closest I come to nature giving me a adrenaline rush. Yet I loved climbing up the rocks and overlooking this pretty waterfall. Let’s just forget the fact that I almost peed my pants when I sat down on the egde next to the peacekeeper (the Balinese man). Ah well, he had a good laugh and I’ve got a cool picture 😉

This is the Tegenungan Waterfall in the south of Bali. You can also swim at the bottom which is very cool, both literally and metaphorically.

Roxy swimsuit
Levi’s vintage shorts
Nike air max sneakers (via sarenza)

waterfall_bali4 waterfall_bali3 waterfall_bali2 waterfall_bali1

Traveling calls for multifunctional clothing

The first outfit shoot I did after my Insta-break. You see that face? I’m a happy camper 🙂 Also might have something to do with this new dress I got at Magali Pascal. What an amazing store and such nice people! The poor staff helped me try on about 15 items. Everything is just so nice.. In the end I picked this beautiful timeless black dress. Perfect for a beach day or a night out. Multifunctional, I need that during my world trip. I also got myself a silver necklace I had been looking for for a while. I’ll show that one later. For now, “just” the beautiful dress!

What I’m wearing

outfit_bali_beach22x outfit_bali_beach32x outfit_bali_beach42x outfit_bali_beach52x outfit_bali_beach62x outfit_bali_beach72x