Sunny Girlboss

Living in another country goes hand in hand with meeting new people. Sometimes inspiring people, like Florine, the owner of Sunny Cords. She moved from The Netherlands (hello fellow Dutchie!) to Sydney for work. She was desperately looking for sunglasses cords, which in The Netherlands, is very common. Instead of looking any further, she decided to make her own. Today her company Sunny Cords is so successful, that she had to cut her working hours in half. So next to her part-time job, she’s a parttime girlboss! Or probably full-time, as most girlbosses work 24/7 at their passion.

No matter how nice or inspiring people are, I won’t wear or use products that don’t fit me. And tell them to their faces, cause that’s the Dutch way to do it, haha! But I love the idea of Sunny Cords and I think sunglasses cords are gonna be the must-have thing next Summer! Let’s see if I’m right 😉


What I’m wearing:
SUNNY CORDS sunglass cords
LEVI’S vintage shorts
DIOR vintage scarf worn as belt


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