As an influencer, I love helping brands expand their awareness amongst a fashion-loving audience.

My aesthetic has always been consistent and my 240.000 followers know me for my basic and accessible street style. For brands, working with me means speaking to a very clear targeted audience through my Instagram. For myself, having a loyal group of fashion-lovers as an audience, I really enjoy getting messages from girls around the world telling me they check my Instagram profile for inspiration when deciding what to wear in the morning. That’s exactly what I do it for!  

Past Partnerships

I love building long-term relationships with brands that truly fit my style. Over the years I’ve promoted the following brands & more through my Instagram:

  • Google Australia
  • Levi’s
  • Marriot Hotel
  • L’Oreal
  • H&M
  • Nobody Denim
  • UGG
  • Vans x Disney
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Cotton On
  • Outland Denim
  • Revolve

The power of a dedicated ambassadorship

Audiences need to hear about a brand multiple times before making a purchase. As a brand, your ROI will be higher when investing in multiple posts, compared to one-off posts. 

Also, long-term partnerships create loyalty and dedication on the end of the influencer. Building a positive relationship with a brand is essential for a dedicated ambassadorship. I often feel like I’m part of the brand family and it makes me want to go that extra mile. 


Speaking of dedicated ambassadorships, a brand I’ve worked with since January 2018, is sustainable brand Outland Denim. It’s a partnership I truly value. And I’m not alone in this:

“Lian is a joy to work with, she has a true, authentic passion for the brands and products she partners with that comes across in every post. The fact that over our three years working together, Lian’s content consistently ranks among the highest performing in terms of reach and engagement, is a testament to the powerful way Lian’s work, tone, and personality resonates with Outland customers.”

– Athina Cantle, Outland Denim