Vans Shoe-buddy’s

You might think we dressed alike for this shoot. Well, we didn’t, this happens all the time! Okay, we did wear the Vans on purpose as this is an advertisement post for Ziengs, but the rest of the outfit was a coincidence, as usual… 

Rick and I simply have the same style! Especially when it comes to shoes. We both love casual sneakers. So when Ziengs asked us to do a duo shoot to celebrate that they’re now selling Vans – our favorite sneaker brand -, we instantly said yes! Couldn’t be a better match for us. 

Do you and your partner often wear the same as well?!

Lian’s look:
VANS via ZIENGS shoes
STAD t-shirt
ASOS jeans

Rick’s look:
VANS via ZIENGS shoes
STAD t-shirt (Rick is wearing a women’s XL)
NUDIE jeans

LianGalliard Fashion Style
Rick&Lian Fashion Style
Vans Ziengs Lian Galliard

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