My first Chanel Bag + the unboxing video

My got my very own Chanel handbag! If you would have told me a month ago I would have a Chanel bag with me while traveling the world, I’d laugh in your face. And cry a little, cause I’d actually want that to happen. Well it did happen. Can life get any better?!

It was a “wedding gift” from Rick’s father and stepmother, as Rick and I are registered partners now. Yes, we’re sort of married. Such an amazing gift, I could hardly believe it was real. Which you can see on the vlog below, because Rick was in on the surprise and recording the whole thing 😀

Shop your own Chanel

Like the bag? It’s the Rock in Rome Flap Bag from the 2016 Rock in Rome collection. If you’re looking for a similar one, I selected my favorite Chanel bags below:

Watch the unboxing

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