Content Creation

Why hire a team of specialists, when you could have an influencer create content for you?


As a business, you want content that will make people desire your product or service. Though studio imagery and professional photoshoots are great to showcase products, customers have a harder time identifying with them. Influencer-generated content feels more real and accessible.

Another advantage; working with an influencer is way cheaper. You don’t have to hire a photographers, models, stylist, hair & make-up artist, etc. As an influencer I do it all myself!

Last but not least, being successful on Instagram myself, know how to create inspiring content that speaks to a fashion- and lifestyle-oriented audience.

Ready to have an influencer create content for you? Happy to discuss the possibilities:


I work with professional equipment and very consciously think of ways to make my clients’ products stand out best. Beforehand we’ll discuss possible requirements and I make a mood board to align our ideas. This way I’m sure to create content that gets both my clients and their customers excited. 

Over the years my photographer and I have created content (photo & video) for the following brands:

  • Brandfield
  • By Invite Only
  • Magali Pascal
  • Seed Heritage
  • Jeans West
  • Sunny Cords
  • Nobody Denim
  • Violet Hamden
  • French Connection
  • Ziengs Shoes
  • Status Anxiety
  • Rosefield