Sunday column: How do surf chicks keep looking good on the board?

If you expect an answer to his question, click away this page. This is not a ‘How-To’ article, this is a true question. So answers are very welcome!

After three surfing sessions I can hardly call myself a surf chick, even though I did stand on the board several times. My first wave I was actually on it more than five seconds and won my bet to Rick. Though he thinks I didn’t win, because the next wave (his first wave) he was also on the board for more than five seconds. We eventually compromised: I won this bet because Rick is always better at sports.

So I’m a surf chick to be. I like surfing and I feel good when I do it, even though I kind of suck. After this column is done, we’re gonna go back to the beach to rent a board #fanatic.

Yes, I’m excited about the first sport I really like. So excited, that when I walk into the ocean, the fashion girl inside of me disappears. Not by choice! You can hardly look good when you’re in the ocean. Well, maybe when you’re floating on a board in your perfectly cut-out swimsuit, trying to capture your perfect next instagram photo. My opinion though is that a lot of surf chicks look kind of fucked up during the sport. The good kind of fucked, the I’m-totally-into-my-sport kind of fucked up.

Hello butt crack!

Here in Bali my hair bun gets flushed out by a wave every 15 seconds. After an hour I’ve got a lost elastic hanging somewhere in my hair and the other locks are stuck to my wed face. My red, burned face I might add. The sun loves bare skin spot on the open sea.

Next to the hair, the waves also love to flush my face, including nose and mouth. Although I find it embarrassing to blow my nose in public, during surfing I blow my snot right into the water without a handkerchief or a hand in front of it. Same goes for my saltwater spit.

And then there’s the bikini bottom. Don’t expect it to stay in place when you’re trying to catch a good wave or when you get wiped off your board. Everyone at Kuta Beach has seen my butt crack by now. In between the waves there’s just no time to pull my bottom out of my butt cheeks, no time to put my bun back together and properly dispose of my snot. What if a wave flushes me away or worse, I miss out on a great wave! Told you I was a fanatic.

But there’s one beauty-thing I really hate about surfing: Your hair gets wet every day. I love my thick hair, but it’s not that typical beach girl hair that looks even better when spending a day in salty water. ‘Salty hair, don’t care’ my ass. I’m not the type that washes her hair once every two weeks (yuk), but to was hit every day? Having to blow-dry and curl/straighten it again? Not good form y bleached hair.

So ladies, let’s go with those tips!


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