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Sunny Girlboss

Living in another country goes hand in hand with meeting new people. Sometimes inspiring people, like Florine, the owner of Sunny Cords. She moved from The Netherlands (hello fellow Dutchie!) to Sydney for work. She was desperately looking for sunglasses cords, which in The Netherlands, is very common. Instead of looking any further, she decided to make her own. Today her company Sunny Cords is so successful, that she had to cut her working hours in half. So next to her part-time job, she’s a parttime girlboss! Or probably full-time, as most girlbosses work 24/7 at their passion.

No matter how nice or inspiring people are, I won’t wear or use products that don’t fit me. And tell them to their faces, cause that’s the Dutch way to do it, haha! But I love the idea of Sunny Cords and I think sunglasses cords are gonna be the must-have thing next Summer! Let’s see if I’m right 😉


What I’m wearing:
SUNNY CORDS sunglass cords
LEVI’S vintage shorts
DIOR vintage scarf worn as belt


A Dutch fashion girl doing farm work in Australia

Yup, that’s me. You thought I was talking about someone else huh? No, I’ve been working and living on a farm in the Australian country for 4,5 months. Pause for reaction…

Rick and I arrived in Sydney on a one-year Working Holiday visa. A so-called 417-visa. To extend our stay as foreigners, Dutch people in particular, we could try to get sponsored by an employer or do 88 days of farm work. We never really focused on getting sponsored, so we choose to do 88 days of farm work. Well, to say we choose makes it sounds as if we were totally fine with this option, which definitely wasn’t the case. I was dreading it to the fullest!

Dreading farm work

First of all, farm work itself isn’t appealing to me at all. I’m no stranger to working hard, but fiscally hard work? Literally getting my hands dirty? Not familiar with the concept. We’ve heard horror stories of backpackers having to pick fruit 14 hours a day for 2 dollars an hour. It’s a fact that a lot of farmers take advantage of travelers that are desperate to get their second-year visa papers signed. The government has taken steps, but it’s still a common thing to get screwed over by farmers.

We made the conscious decision to not apply for fruit picking jobs in the popular states where there are tons of backpackers, like sunny Queensland, to increase our chances of getting a good paying job at an honest farmer, #TIP! We ended up working at for a great farmer at a potato farm in Victoria.

Leaving the city we love

The second thing I wasn’t looking forward to was living in the country. You’re not allowed to work on a farm near the bigger cities and therefore farm work is also known as regional work. I know people who would love to live in the country, being surrounded by nature and quietness, but I’m just not one of those people. I’m a city girl and I loved my city life in Sydney.

Not just because of the city itself, also because of the people we met, friends we made, the house we made our own those amazing first months in Australia. For the first time in my life I truly felt at home and after just 7 months I was supposed to leave that behind already? I literally cried when we drove out of our suburb Newtown that first weekend of April.

Next to leaving our house, friends and the city we love so much, we didn’t know in what type of house we would stay. In most cases farmers provide accommodation, but just as payment, it’s known that farmers screw over travelers on accommodation too. We didn’t know where or with whom we were going to end up, and I was really uncomfortable with that.

Fashion shoots on a paddy next to a cow?

Another thing that worried me was how I could keep my online business going. How the hell am I supposed to create fashionable content when I live in the middle of nowhere? Am I supposed to pose on a paddy next to a cow? Might be fun for 1 post, but what about the other 120 posts? And if I do find a way, will I even have Internet to actually post it? I was really scared I would have to shut down “the business” for 4 months because creating content and sharing it online is what I love to do.

I was lucky to find ways to create content and I’m extremely thankful for having three dots of 4G signal every day! There are a few villages about a 20-40 minute drive away and we’re “just” 2 hours from Melbourne. So I was able to keep my business going without anyone knowing about my life on the farm. And that made me really glad because I was actually ashamed of my situation.

Ashamed of my farm life

Though I would like to think I’m way too down to earth to go along with the ‘life has to be perfect’ trend we see on Instagram and Facebook, it gets to me too. You all know me as this fashion girl living in the big city; how stupid will I look if I share stuff about my crappy life on the farm? I mean there’s absolutely nothing wrong with farming – I actually gained great respect for people doing this 24/7! – but it’s not really fashionable and it makes my life look everything but perfect.

In the end, I’m actually more ashamed of not wanting to share it, then I am for sharing it now. Because I think we shouldn’t just share a perfect picture, we should also share our struggles. Nothing worth having comes easy and that’s just the way life is. Yet with social media nowadays it looks as everything does come easy. People share photos of their amazing travel adventures, their newest designer bag, their coolest cars and their beautiful house(s) as if it’s normal.

Some people are just lucky but most of us have to work hard, step outside our comfort-zone and do things we don’t want to do, to eventually get closer to our dreams. So if you ever feel like you’re the only one having to struggle while everyone else is leading the perfect life, you are not! We all go through things that suck, sometimes without even knowing why we have to deal with it, but eventually, you’ll get closer to your goals. Not by sitting at home, but to work hard and doing things outside of your comfort-zone, cause that’s the only way to move forward.

Wouldn’t have wanted to miss this experience!

When we left Sydney in April, I wish I could just snap my fingers and travel 4,5 months forward in time. In the end, I am really thankful magical things like that aren’t possible because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the past 4,5 months. Yes, it wasn’t the ideal life, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The past 3 months were actually the best months I ever had business-wise! Who would have known that would happen?!

But most importantly, I grew as a person from this experience. The pessimist in me has learned how to turn a shitty situation into a good one, by accepting it and making the most out of it, instead of constantly fighting it. Fighting things you have to go through is the toughest fight you’ll ever have. In the end, I handled the past 4,5 months like a boss and I’m really proud of myself! And being truly proud of myself is also a very new, yet great feeling.

Share your struggles!

I would like to challenge you to share some of your life struggles too, as I think we shouldn’t just share perfect pictures or perfect stories. Let’s comfort each other by sharing something real. I’m not asking you to share a very personal or depression story, but just something others probably can relate to. Like that time you had to move in with your parents because you decided to finally get that degree you’ve always wanted and started college again as a 40-year-old. Or something like that 😉 I’m looking forward to reading your comments!

As for my story, we got our 88 days of farm work!!! We’re going on a well-deserved holiday in a few days and while being overseas, we’re going to apply for our second-year visa. I’ll keep you posted!

Finally, a box of goodness

I walked passed Doughnut Time several times contemplating whether to get a box of goodness or not. And then I got a message from Sweaty Betty PR, if I would like to get some doughnuts from Dougnut Time. Uh yes! As if they’ve been reading my mind from the moment I arrived in Sydney. Oh, they were so good…

What I’m wearing:
ASOS jeans

The beach, The one spot that always makes me happy

Just a random post with some happy beach pics. Taken during sunset in Canggu, Bali. I love to watch the ocean move, I love feeling the wind even though it fucks up my hair, I love being barefoot, I love feeling the sand between my toes – Not when my feet are wet though, hate it! -, I love the orange sky at sunset… Conclusion: I should live in a beach house.

What I’m wearing (not much..)
COSTES off shoulder top
H&M shorts

bali_beach2bali_beach3 bali_beach4

Fall In love with the Ubud Rice Terraces

There’s one thing you have to visit in Bali. Well, there are several things, but this one was high on my list: Rice fields. So when we were in Ubud we came prepared with our Nikon cam, Sony cam and DJI drone. Ready to capture all the goodness the famous Tegalalang rice terraces has to offer.

We loved spending a day in, up and around the rice terrace. Especially the moment we sat down for dinner and some beers after hours of walking and climbing, while overlooking the beautiful nature (see the vlog below!).. It was priceless. I guess that’s why you travel 🙂

What I’m wearing
LEVI’S shorts
ZARA top

ubud_rice_terrace5ubud_rice_terrace7 ubud_rice_terrace2ubud_rice_terrace3ubud_rice_terrace6ubud_rice_terrace

Want to see more cool footage? Check out the vlog, cause Rick went wild with the drone!

Sydney Views

Today’s pic of the day: Looking over the South Pacific Ocean from Shark Point, Clovelly Australia. So beautiful! A post about this amazing coast to coast route will follow soon!

Favorite places to shop in Bali

Let me first say I only saw about 10% of Bali, mostly Seminyak and Canggu, so to say I’ve seen and compared every store in Bali… No. But from the stores I saw (and that was a lot!), these are the five I like most!


French designer Magali Pascal’s collections are a mix of French elegance and minimalism with a touch of bohemian vintage. He has three stores in Bali and one in Sydney where I am at the moment (Yeah!). I tried on about 15 items when I visited Magali Pascal in Oberoi and the poor staff helped me with every item. Sorry for keeping you busy guys, everything is just so pretty! I bought an amazing dress you saw in this outfit post and a necklace I’ll show you very soon.


One day we were having lunch at Pison in Petitenget, and a man with an awesome pair of sunnies sat down next to us. Because I was too chicken to ask, Rick asked the man where he bought them. He was so kind that he actually took us to the store: Prisoners of St. Petersburg. The store is packed with sunnies and after comtemplating which of three to get, I bought this one. Next to sunnies they sell trendy clothes and accessories. It looks like they sell designer stuff as well, but if you check out the prices you’ll know that €100 for a pair of Gucci heels is not realistic. Despite of some fakes, I really loved this cute trendy store.


Just the sight of Wanderlust is good: It’s a minimal store that gives you a perfect view of all the bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear items. And those are good. If it wasn’t for the 6 bikinis I already owned, I’d go wild in here! Good news, they’re working on an online store!


Concept stores in Bali are awesome! This concept store sells real cool unique minimalistic items for your home, you office, your accessory draw and your closet. The extra cool thing about BŪRO Collaborative is that it’s located in the same space as Living Stone Bakery and Faculty. Two places we’d love to eat, drink coffee and get some work done. And while Rick was working, I’d always have a look what BŪRO Collaborative would literary have in store for me.


We got into the surf vibe when we were in Bali and so we visited quite some surf shops. I loved Drifter the most, because they sells all kinds of stuff next to awesome surfboards. Trendy fashion brands (like Faithfull the brand and OneTeaspoon!), cool sunnies, pretty jewelry, colorful books and way too many awesome bikinis. They sell awesome male clothing as well. Another cool thing about Drifter: A part of the store is actually a café. I love in-store cafes!


Want to see how it all went down? Check out my shopping vlog!

A new start: From Fashion Hoax to Lian Galliard

Four years ago I published my blog with one simple click, not knowing that today it would be my job. I’m very thankful for all the wonderful encounters, trips, events, nominations, features and collaborations Fashion Hoax has brought me.

Despite of all the amazing things I’ve accomplished as a blogger, I still am a true Fashion Hoax: to me there’s more than just fashion. I realize that more and more now that I’m getting older (the big 3-0 is around the corner!) and now that I’m traveling. But what I realize most is I blog according to what is expected from the so called fashionblogger, instead of blogging about what’s really happening in my life. And I lead a pretty awesome life, if I may say so myself, as I left my home behind to travel the world for an indefinite period of time. At the moment I live in fashionable Sydney.

So now what, no more fashion?

Will you not be blogging about fashion anymore? That will never happen, fashion is my thing. It has been ever since I tried on my mothers clothes as a little girl for the first time. And today I still love the dress-up parties I have every morning.

But next to fashion I also love traveling and writing. I’m sort of a little Carrie Bradshaw, minus 50 pairs of Manolo’s. They wont fit in my backpack. And let’s not forget that I don’t have the money for it..

I want to blog about what I like and a first step in the good direction is a name change: From Fashion Hoax to Lian Galliard. That’s me btw, hi! will be filled with columns about thirty-something female problems, travel tips and travel stories, and good old outfit photo’s. But also random ‘Pic(k)s of the day’ without further explanation. Just because I can on my own personal blog.

She’s crazy! Is she?

Some people might think this is the stupidest thing I could do, for me it’s something that finally get’s me excited again. Pushing the ‘Publish’ or ‘Share’ button is so much more fun when you put something online that you truly stand for. And if other people like it as well, well that’s just awesome!

On top of the world (sort of)

How can something so big and powerful make you look so small, yet feel so strong? I’m not much of a dare devil, so standing next to a waterfall or catching a (small) wave during surfing, might be the closest I come to nature giving me a adrenaline rush. Yet I loved climbing up the rocks and overlooking this pretty waterfall. Let’s just forget the fact that I almost peed my pants when I sat down on the egde next to the peacekeeper (the Balinese man). Ah well, he had a good laugh and I’ve got a cool picture 😉

This is the Tegenungan Waterfall in the south of Bali. You can also swim at the bottom which is very cool, both literally and metaphorically.

Roxy swimsuit
Levi’s vintage shorts
Nike air max sneakers (via sarenza)

waterfall_bali4 waterfall_bali3 waterfall_bali2 waterfall_bali1

Bali Breakfast Spot: NOOK Umalas

Waking up every morning overlooking the Bali rice field while enjoying a avocado and feta sandwich, and a good cup of coffee. Sounds good huh? That’s what our mornings looked like. For a week we stayed at Hotel Adma Umalas, at Jalan Umalas I, where our favorite breakfast spot is located: Nook.

Why is this our favorite? The breakfast menu is very good, healthy and affordable (our favorite, the avocado toast is just €3,-), the place is cute and cosy and of course there’s the view. The beautiful view. If you’re lucky there will be a spot available outside, where it feels like your having breakfast in the middle of the rice fields. If you’re unlucky the place will be packed with people ruining your view while taking selfies. Guess that’s what happens when a place looks good.

We aren’t that excited about the lunch menu (luckily breakfast is served until 2PM) and dinner menu, we’ve had better, but breakfast here is just perfect!

NOOK, Jl. Umalas 1, Gang Nook No. 1, Bali

Breakfast dish €3-€5
Fruit juice €1,50-€2,50
Coffee €2-€3

Nook’s smashed avocado toast, Egg in a hole sandwich, Nook’s fruit salad with yoghurt and granola and all the fresh juices!

   nook_bali52x nook_bali32x nook_bali22x