About Lian

Hi, my name is Lian, I’m a so-called ‘Online Influencer’ and I produce quality content for brands to use. Nice to meet you!


I’m originally from the Netherlands, where I kicked of my blogging career in 2012. After finishing my Bachelor of Communication and started working as a corporate copywriter, I wanted to do something creative with my passion for fashion. This passion soon became a job.

I was part of one of the leading European blogger collectives, Creators of Desire, was nominated for a Dutch ELLE Award, was part of a fashion TV show on national Dutch television and Grazia UK called me one of the 15 influencers to follow in 2016. Score!


Regardless of my success in The Netherlands, my partner (and photographer) Rick and I, decided to leave our home country to travel the world. We quit our jobs, ended our lease, sold our stuff and went off with our backpacks, laptops, a camera, and a Chanel bag. I know what’s important 😉

After three months we arrived in Sydney and fell deeply in love with the city and Australia. We decided to cancel our travel plans and stay.

Apparently, Australia loved me too, as I grew 80,000 followers on Instagram my first year of living in Sydney. The Australian market picked up on it as well and I’ve worked with brands like Nobody Denim, Country Road, Seed Heritage, Google Australia, Showpo, Cotton On Group and Jo Mercer.


I think my easy to wear looks is what makes me accessible to my followers. I know how to create a fashionable look with items most women already have or can easily get their hands on. My followers have told me many times that they love the fact that I make a simple top and pair of jeans look stylish, and I’m often called The Denim Queen. Which won’t come as a surprise if you’ve seen my Instagram!

I like to combine high street with high end, and even if you don’t own a Chanel bag or Balenciaga boots, my looks are always easy to recreate.


Want to know more about my work as an influencer and/or content producer? Have a look at my portfolio. Want to get in touch? Hit me up with an email, whether it’s for business or personal purposes: lian@liangalliard.com.

Talk soon,