A week in Tel Aviv

Spend a week in a warm country while it’s 5 degrees in The Netherlands? Uh yeah! I don’t really get that Dutch people go on holiday anyway when it’s warm in The Netherlands. So the idea of leaving for Israel in December got me really excited. And the fact that it was the first vacation with my boyfriend wasn’t that bad either 😉

We spend four days in Tel Aviv, the first two nights at Prima City Hotel and the last nights at Prima Hotel Tel Aviv. Prima Hotels is a great hotel chain, very well catered with friendly staff. And the location.. Lord, the location! Prima City Hotel is nearby the beach, but Prima Hotel actually looks over the beach! Our view made me feel like a million bucks. If you’re planning to go to Tel Aviv, Prima Hotels really is a great hotel to stay. Both hotels provided bicycles and as Dutchies we cycled our butts off! You wouldn’t think so, but Tel Aviv is a cycle-city. You can cycle along the beach on the promenade for example to the port or the other way to the old city Jaffa. Very pretty, especially at night.

Next to cycle possibilities, Tel Aviv is quite a Western city because of the trendy restaurants, bars, clubs and street style. If you forget the men in Kippahs and hats, there are quite a few stylish people in Tel Aviv. You’d almost forget you’re in the Middle East. That changes when you’re in Jerusalem. The last day of our trip we drove to Jerusalem and walked through the Old City all day. The Old City is like a big maze with small paths and religious highlights. We saw the Western Wall, walked by the Dome of the Rock and the Arab Market. It’s a very impressive city.

All and all, we had a lovely five days in Israel. It was a holiday filled with sun, beach, sea, Western vibes, Middle Eastern vibes, history, culture and religion. So thanks Prima Hotels for having us! We will definitely be back soon 🙂

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