On top of the world (sort of)

How can something so big and powerful make you look so small, yet feel so strong? I’m not much of a dare devil, so standing next to a waterfall or catching a (small) wave during surfing, might be the closest I come to nature giving me a adrenaline rush. Yet I loved climbing up the rocks and overlooking this pretty waterfall. Let’s just forget the fact that I almost peed my pants when I sat down on the egde next to the peacekeeper (the Balinese man). Ah well, he had a good laugh and I’ve got a cool picture 😉

This is the Tegenungan Waterfall in the south of Bali. You can also swim at the bottom which is very cool, both literally and metaphorically.

Roxy swimsuit
Levi’s vintage shorts
Nike air max sneakers (via sarenza)

waterfall_bali4 waterfall_bali3 waterfall_bali2 waterfall_bali1

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