Singapore Travel Tips & Vlog – Why I loved SG

On the itinerary: a quick trip to Singapore. It should have been a long trip to Singapore. What a great city! Beautiful architecture (modern metropolis meets old England, loved it!), great atmosphere, compact and not too crowded. Some people call Singapore ‘Singabore’ from the word boring. Maybe the city gets boring after a few weeks, but I could just walk around Singapore for days and not get bored. Just looking around and enjoying the view. If I did, I could unfortunately not do a shop-stop, coffee-stop or lunch-stop. Singapore is very, very expensive! It’s truly the only thing we didn’t like about the city.

Have a ‘Singapore Sling’ at beautiful Raffles (and than you’re broke)

In what way is Singapore expensive? For example, we ordered the signature Singapore cocktail, the Singapore Sling, at The Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel. The Raffles Hotel is located in a beautiful building. Think marble floors, pillars, ornaments and long white halls. The ultimate Instagram-spot! Okay Lian, back to the drinks at The Long Bar. Or rather not, because our drinks (one Singapore Sling cocktail and two bottles of water) cost us $70 (€47). It was a cute bar, the service, atmosphere and drinks were very good, therefore I’d recommend it. But if you’re on a budget, this will be the last place in Singapore you will have a drink. Cause after this you’ll be broke. Better to a bottle of water from the groceries store with you..

Lloyd’s Inn, a touch of nature within the city

What else did we do, next to spending a lot of money on one cocktail? First of all, we stayed at Lloyd’s Inn the first two nights. Also an Instagram-spot! Lloyd’s Inn is a boutique hotel that offers a touch of nature within Singapore city, as they state themselves. That’s totally true. There’s a beautiful green garden with dipping pool outside and I believe most of the rooms have a little garden / an outside place as well. For example, our bathroom was outside. Sounds a bit scary, but it was a really cool experience to shower outside between the rock and leaves. Nature is a big part of the hotel, but so is concrete, hard shapes and texture. It created an urban, raw look and feel. I told you, it’s an Instagram-spot!

We stayed in one of the business rooms, which was compact and comfortable. The ground floor was a bit too compact for me personally. I did really love the bedroom on the second floor though. Created a very cozy feeling and the bed was very nice. Also a bit small, but I don’t mind cuddling up to Rick 😉 Check out the vlog for a full room tour!

The Lloyd’s Inn is centrally located near the Orchard Road, the big shopping street of Singapore. If you would spend all your money at Orchard Street, you could luckily have a cheap, but good Asian meal at Killiney Street, just around the corner.

Walk to see as much of Singapore’s beauty – and then take a cab home!

From Lloyd’s Inn we walk to Raffles Hotel and further to The Merlion Park to view the light and water show at Marina Bay Sands. The walk is do-able, but you can also take the bus for just $2,20 or the cab for just $10. One thing that’s not expensive in Singapore. I’d recommend walking though, because you’ll get to see lots of beautiful buildings like Chijmes, the National Gallery and the Arts House. You can always take a cab (they’re everywhere) or bus back. At this point you’d be at Downtown Core, according to Google Maps. We loved this area! You can walk further towards the Singapore River to spot beautiful skyscrapers and light-up bridges (one had rainbow light whoohoo!). You could have a drink at the riverside which is very nice, but also expensive. Two beers for $36 (€24). You decide whether it’s worth it.


As for hotspots, we didn’t really know where the hotspots are in Singapore and after that Singapore Sling, we didn’t really look for it either. We just started our journey, so we can’t really spend too much at cute breakfast spots, coffee bars and restaurants already. We’ve still got Australia – also very expensive – to go. Such a shame, cause I love discovering hotspots.

My tip: Check out the Singapore geotags on Instagram. Apparently, people in Singapore love to share where they had food and drinks! I saw some really nice places that made me consider spending 30% of our travel budget at one place. Okay, I might be exaggerating, I haven’t been to these places. I’d just recommend taking a full wallet with you to Singapore, next to recommending Singapore period.

Check out the pictures and vlog below to see the written story come together! And stay tuned, cause Singapore part deux and several outfit shoots are coming soon!

Places I chilled at & brands I wore:
LLOYD’S INN 2 Lloyd Road, Singapore
LONG BAR 1 Beach Rd, Singapore
COTTON ON halter bikini top
LEVI’S vintage denim shorts
TOPSHOP strapless top
CHANEL crossbody bag
SENSO ankle boots (via sarenza)

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