What To Do in New York: Route around Times Square & 42nd Street

It’s been a while since I visited New York. I really miss it.. Luckily 2016 will be filled with awesome travel trips, but more about that later! In case you’re going to New York soon, I thought it might be nice to share some tips. Cause at this point New York is still number one on my list! I’m starting off with tips around Times Square en 42nd Street, since my favorite hotel is located at the corner of 42nd & 10th zit. That’s tip number 1:


Even though I’d love to stay in downtown Manhattan, I keep coming back to Yotel because it’s so central in Mid-Mahattan. Plus, the hotel is simply very good. But the all-window rooms are the main reason to stay here!


Our day started at the Theatre Row Diner every morning, I told you about this place already. It’s a very simple yet cute diner. They serve good food for a good price: American Pancakes, coffee or tea and juice for $6,95. Yes! I’m never on a diet when I’m in New York 😉


After breakfast je can walk down 42nd Street towards Times Square. No need to explain why you have to go here. Next to lots of sightseeing, you can go shopping here, for example at the huge ass H&M en Forever 21. Yet I prefer shopping in Soho, since Times Square is complete madness. That’s another great thing about 42nd Street, you can jump in a subway everywhere to any place in New York.


After the Times Square madness you can relax at Bryant Park. Even though this is a tiny park, I find it very impressive. When in Central Park you’re in a totally different place, but Bryant Park is so in the middle of the city. Yet it’s a couple of square foot of complete peace and quiet. People come here to read a bit of have some lunch, so cool. In the winter you can ice-skate here, also very nice to do.


Bryant Park is located behind the Public Library, which you should also check out. It’s a beautiful building and so is the inside. Great architecture, lots of books and lots of quietness. It’s impressive – and even more when you love the first Sex and The City movie.


After your Public Library visit you could walk down Fifth Avenue, but you could also walk down 42nd Street a bit towards Grand Central Station. This is the main station in New York and has the most platforms in the world. The architecture of the main hall is very impressed and the hall bellow is kinda like an indoor food market. Lots to see and to do.. uh eat here.


Right behind the Grand Central is the Chrysler Building. Together with The Flat Iron Building it’s my favorite building in New York. Unfortunately you can’t go inside, it’s a real business building. But just standing in front of it is pretty awesome.

The cool thing about 42nd Street are all the must-sees. I know for sure there are 4 to 5 must-sees on 42nd Street that are on your ‘must-see in New York’ list!

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