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Our big world trip started last week after saying goodbye to our friends and family at Schiphol Airport. From now on it’s just the two of us for the next 2-5 years. Good thing we like each other 😉 The trip started off with 5 days in Dubai. We arrived late in the evening when it was still 35 degrees Celsius. Extremely hot when you’re used to Dutch temperatures! We stayed at a hotel nearby the airport and went on to The Address Dubai Marina hotel the next morning. What happened the following hours was unreal. A car picked us up at the airport and took us to the hotel, where we were awaited by the hotel manager, marketing manager and general manager. He greeted us with ‘Goedemiddag’, which is good afternoon in Dutch. The general manager is actually Dutch, how coincidental is that?!

But the fun really started when we went to our room. A suite bigger than our home in Groningen. Excuses me, our old home, we don’t have a home anymore. Home is where the backpack is now. Anywho, I knew the hotel was really nice, but this.. This was simply amazing! You’ve probably seen it on our vlog. We felt like the King and Queen. And not just because of the room or the pretty hotel, the service was amazing. I understand a five star hotel means good service, but the staff was so nice and helpful. The marketing manager actually congratulate us on the registered partnership, cause she saw this photo on Instagram and recognized Rick’s tattoo sleeve since he always wears t-shirts now-a-days.

She hooked us up with dinner at restaurant Shades next to the infinity pool, brunch at restaurant Mazina (inside the hotel) and Iftar. It was Ramadan in Dubai and Iftar is the meal Muslims eat after fasting. In case of The Address Hotel, it means having a meal in a beautiful ballroom filled with food. Any kind of food, whole lots of food! We gained five pounds after we left The Address.

After our stay at the Marina district, we went to stay in Al Barsha. It’s near the Burj Al Arab which we went to see the same night. Nearby is the Souk Mardinat, where we had some food, drinks, shisha and where we enjoyed the beautiful view.

During the last days we went to see the gold souk in old Dubai and of course we checked out Burj Khalifa. It’s next to The Dubai Mall where we did some last minute shopping and ate Magnolia Bakery’s red velvet cupcake. You wouldn’t believe the stores they have in Dubai malls. Stores we don’t have in Groningen, The Netherlands or even Europe! Dubai has a very western vibe, even though it’s Arabic. It’s very modern at places, but also out-dated when you go further than Dubai. We went for a road trip to the desert for example, which is a very different place. No luxury, no tall buildings, just desert, camels and crappy cars. Never the less it was awesome driving through the dessert and seeing this part of the United Arab Emirates.

All and all we had a great time in Dubai and really want to go back for a longer amount of time! Stay tuned for the following Dubai vlogs to see all the above through video. You can subscribe here.

So now we’re on to the next destination. Where we’re off to? Not telling you yet, so stay tuned 😉

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