How do we feel about our ultimate urban artists going Electric?

Normally I can’t really appreciate music artists going into a complete different directions because a certain genre is popular at the moment. Like Jennifer Lopez. She went from making poppy R&B/Latin songs to making club music and booty-shake songs. Jenny, thank you for getting me down on the dancefloor, but I’m a bit disappointed. You were one of my favorite urban-millennium-music-icons, I sang Spanish because of you!

Then there’s Usher, who went from the ultimate R&B artist to making house music. His 2012 album is called ‘Looking 4 Myself’ and it’s clear to me that he did lose himself. I do appreciate his latest album though, called ‘Hard 2 Love’. Not hard to love at all! The urban vibes shine through the electronic sounds and I happen to love electronic urban, as I like to call it.

Therefore I love Alicia Keys her new direction. Not just her direction in music, how about her no-make-up face? She’s gorgeous! Back to the music. When I heard the first tunes of In Common I felt some disappointment: Another artist stepping out of the genre he/she excels in. But two seconds later I was sold. I love this song and the soft part of her voice fits perfectly with this music. It’s my new jam, even though it’s been months since she released it. Sorry, I’m just not that girl I used to be, following the charts every day. Which was only because I was a big Spice Girls fan and wanted to check if they were still at number one 😉

So even though you probably heard it, I had to share In Common, today’s pick of the day!

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