Skater Chick (sort of)

When your Sydney friend, Cylia, lends you and your boyfriend her and her boyfriends skateboard.. Was so much fun! Who’s ever thought I’d like skateboarding?!

What I’m wearing:
ZARA top
LEVIS shorts
ADIDAS shoes (via sarenza)
WOODZEE shades


Sydney coffee tradition

Today’s ‘Pic of the Day’: Having coffee at our favorite coffee spot in Newtown, Cuckoo Calley. The one that’s located in front of the train station and so it has become tradition already to get a coffee here first, before getting on the train! Love any coffee-related tradition 😉

What I’m wearing
UNIQUE21 bodysuit (online soon!)
TONY BIANCO shoes (similar)
WOODZEE white shades

She’s wearing pink!

Can you believe it?! If your name is Lian (or if you’re just like me), you’d dress this stand-out piece down a bit. So I combined it with some Levi’s shorts and pointy slip-on sandals. Ready for a sunny day in Sydney!

What I’m wearing
THE FABLE silk shirt
LEVI’S vintage shorts (similar)
ALDO pointy sandals (via sarenza)
WOODZEE pink shades
CHANEL flap bag (similar)

outfit_thefable2outfit_thefable1 outfit_thefable3

When affordable meets high-end #loveit

I love combining affordable items with high-end items. Well, actually I mostly wear items from affordable brands, especially now that I’m living in expensive Sydney. One of my ultimate favorite affordable brands is Missguided. They know how to translate the current trends into stylish, yet affordable pieces. Luckily for me Missguided as an Australian webshop, so I went a little crazy the other day. You can check out the unboxing and try-on below and of course, one of the outfits I created. Love this look!

What I’m wearing:
CHANEL bag (similar)


outfit_missguidedoutfit_missguided4 outfit_missguided2


Watch the complete Missguided unboxing here!

My favorite accessory

I am a sucker for watches. I hardly wear any jewelry, but I always wear a watch. No bracelets, but a watch. Therefore I always choose plain watches that match any outfit. I’ve got an all black one, an all grey one, a white one with a hint of gold, even an all navy one! Yet I can never have enough and incase you’re just like me, this is you lucky day! I selected a range of beautiful, plain, timeless watches for you (and me, ssst!).




Silk Blouse

Did you watch my Sydney Fashion Vlog and have you been wondering all weekend what I bought? As if that would keep you busy all weekend, haha! No, I hope you spend time with your friends or family, did some relaxing. Or some partying! In which case you’ll probably have a terrible day at the office.. Good luck!

Anyway, I went to Fashion Weekend Sydney earlier this month and I bought an amazing silk blouse from Nice Martin, an Australian brand. I wanted a silk blouse for a long time, if I’d buy and wear it in Bali, I would sweat the sh*t out of it. Luckily I found it in Sydney on sale. Big time sale, I couldn’t be more happy!

What I’m wearing
NICE MARTIN blouse (similar in navy)
ASOS jeans
SENSO shoes (via sarenza)
TOPSHOP sunnies (similar)


When flawlessness isn’t so flawless – a column about makeup

One thing not so cool about traveling; your skin doesn’t know how to handle the sun, salty sea water, chemical swimming pool water, dry air, humid air… My forehead has always been my problem area, and she and I haven’t been good friends lately. Follow my vlogs? If you pause it every now and then, you can do a fun game of pimple counting. They’re right between my brows and my hairline. Good luck!

It was better when I had my Bali tan, but now that that pretty brown glow is gone (thanks Sydney), my forehead is behaving bad again. Of course it has to do with my diet and skin care as well, but I eat healthy, try to drink more water and just bought some new skin products that are helping. But I also got some new make-up products to do a proper cover-up.

I’m a beauty disaster

Because I’m a bit insecure, I’m quite skin and make-up focussed at the moment. So when I’m doing my daily Instagram feed check now, I don’t just look at outfits, I look at faces. And damn, so many girls look flawless! How do they do it?! To get an answer to that question I go to YouTube.

Just so you understand, I’m a beauty disaster. I don’t know how to work make-up and I don’t know what’s good for me. Some things even scare me, like contouring and lip-liner. I’ve got a few items that feel and look good, and I stick to it. Like my Clinique ‘Even Better’ foundation and Chanel ‘Le Volume mascara’, hallelujah.

My skin starts itching looking at these videos

But now that I want to know a bit more about beauty, YouTube comes to the rescue. Thank you youtubbers, for all those ‘Every day skin and make-up routine’ videos! A lot of Instagrammers also do videos and lucky for me, they also do a lot of skincare and makeup videos. But instead of making me wanna get out my new make-up, they make me wanna throw it out. The amount of foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, blush, eyebrow powder, fake lashes and lip-liner (wow, I do know some beauty words!) is just shocking to me. How can that feel comfortable? My skin starts itching just looking at these videos.

The sad thing is, these girls are so pretty when they start the video without make-up. Okay, a little foundation, blush, mascara and eye-brow stuff makes them look a bit more flawless, but so many girls continue putting stuff on their faces when I thought they were done ten minutes ago. I’m sorry for being harsh, but very often I look at it and think ‘Don’t you see you’ve got stripes of makeup on your face?’. So many girls literally use their face as a canvas and just like Van Gogh (or any other Impressionist) hardly blend out the lines. Or is that the point and do I just don’t get it? I personally wouldn’t like to walk around with a dark brown stripe under my cheekbones, but that’s just me.

Who wants to wake up to a different looking woman?

I realize that I’m blessed with good skin (except for that forehead!) and that I’m blessed with a boyfriend who thinks I look my best with just a little mascara on. I know for a fact that many men feel that way and I totally understand. Who wants to wake up to a totally different looking woman?

I also realize that some girls really have something to cover-up that makes them insecure when they don’t. Just as I bought new makeup, now that I’m having troubles with my skin. I get it and I’m not anti make-up. But I think makeup should be used to cover-up flaws and to emphasize your plus points. Not to create a totally different face. Or in some, not so rare cases unfortunately, a clown look. I’m sorry, but I’m also not sorry.

Cover-up & emphasize

The point of this column is not to be mean to women who love make-up, it’s not to make fun of women who use make-up. It’s not that I’m becoming the next Alicia Keys and stop wearing make-up to make a statement. The point is that we all compare ourselves to it-girl on social media, but sometimes when you look closer (or at their YouTube tutorials in this case) they’re flawlessness doesn’t come as easy as you might have thought. We all have flaws we want to cover-up, we all have plus point we could emphasize. And I hope that in the end that’s what most of us will do when using makeup!

Photo by

Sydney Shopping & Fashion Weekend, One Big Fashion Vlog

Not sure what to do this Saturday? How about checking out my latest vlog! No, I’m not trying to turn this blog post into a commercial 😉 I’m just really happy that I’m doing cool fashion-related stuff here in Sydney and that we made a cool fashion-related vlog out of it! I did some shopping in Paddington and visited Fashion Weekend Sydney. My inner fashionchick loved this week! Check out the vlog below and have a great weekend!

What I’m wearing in the vlog:

Paddington Look:
TOMMY HILFIGER shirt | H&M black jeans | SENSO strappy sandals

Fashion Weekend Look:
WAREHOUSE jacket | W CONCEPT blouse | ASOS jeans | TONY BIANCO shoes | CHANEL flap bag

Trends for a bargain!

The first day in Sydney I found out, by accident, there was a blogger closet sale in Surry Hills. Bloggers like The Chronicles of her and the ladies from Who What Wear were selling their trendy stuff. What a great accident! I went and got this silk top and seventies-style sunnies. Trends for a bargain! It was so nice to be a girl shopping at a blogger closet sale, instead of a blogger selling at a blogger closet sale 🙂 You can see some footage in the blog below, but first, the outfit!

What I’m wearing
VINTAGE silk top
H&M jeans
SENSO shoes (via sarenza)
TOPSHOP sunnies outfit_silk_cami2 outfit_silk_cami4 outfit_silk_cami3