Pop of Orange

What better way to spice up a basic look than with a pair of orange (!) heels?! I love these Aldo babies <3

What I’m wearing:
TOPSHOP shirt (stolen from the boyfriend)
ALDO heels (via sarenza)
CHANEL rock-in-home bag
BY LIA jewelry

Shoe Buddies

When you’re boy and you are shoe buddies.. ♥

What I’m wearing:
CONVERSE all stars (via sarenza)
ASOS jeans
ZARA jumper
CHANEL rock-in-rome flapbag

Transitioning to winter with Marks & Spencer

It’s time to transition to winter with Marks & Spencer knitwear! As exciting as I am about being able to wear knitwear, I must admit that I’m sad to say goodbye to summer.

The summer climate is one of the things I love most about Sydney. Since we arrived in Sydney last September, we had 4 months of bright sun and blue skies. Now that’s what makes me happy! Though I love summer, I can definitely handle winter. I’m a Dutch girl, I have no choice but to braise the cold! I’m used to rain, snow and icy wind that makes you feel as if your head might freeze off. It’s not that I like it, but I’m used to it.

The only thing I like about winter is a winter wardrobe. Yes, I’ll admit I got a bit tired of wearing shorts, shirts and flip-flops for 4 months. It gets tiring believe me. What I love about winter clothing? I love layering, I love oversized coats and I love knitwear. So when I heard about Marks & Spencer knitwear campaign, I checked out their webshop straight away.

Knitwear somehow is always fashionable, whether you are wearing a knitted jumper, a knitted skirt, a knitted scarf (oversized please!) or a knitted beanie. I love it all! Knitwear is stylish and keeps you warm. So when transitioning to a colder season, a knitwear piece is in order. It will keep you warm while you’re still wearing some of you’re favourite last season items, like these summer sandals and autumn trench coat. And what I love about this knitted jumper in particular, is the sleeves. I love a good bell sleeve 🙂

What I’m wearing:
MARKS & SPENCER knitted jumper
MARKS & SPENCER trench coat

This collaboration was sponsored by Marks & Spencer and Shoppinglinks.

Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-2 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-3 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-4 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-5 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-6 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-7 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-8

Life couldn’t be more ‘bon’

Two things I can’t life without: Oversized jumpers and coffee. Weird combination, but it’s true. Hence the title of this blog post 😉 How awesome is this simple, yet perfect jumper?

What I’m wearing:
BON LABEL jumper
ASOS jeans

White Jeans All Year

Who ever said white jeans can only be worn is Summer is crazy! Okay, so it might be Summer here in Sydney, but still. This is a go-to outfit any time of year right? Love these white distressed jeans so much! You too? They’re on sale now 😉

What I’m wearing:
NOBODY DENIM jeans (on sale)
H&M sweater
WANTED heels

Out-of-my-comfort-zone item

Who’d ever thought I’d own a little red dress with little stars on it? Not me! yet I love this dress, it’s so cute! What you ultimate ‘out-of-my-comfort-zone item’?!

What I’m wearing:
TOPSHOP shades

Finally, a box of goodness

I walked passed Doughnut Time several times contemplating whether to get a box of goodness or not. And then I got a message from Sweaty Betty PR, if I would like to get some doughnuts from Dougnut Time. Uh yes! As if they’ve been reading my mind from the moment I arrived in Sydney. Oh, they were so good…

What I’m wearing:
ASOS jeans

Skater Chick (sort of)

When your Sydney friend, Cylia, lends you and your boyfriend her and her boyfriends skateboard.. Was so much fun! Who’s ever thought I’d like skateboarding?!

What I’m wearing:
ZARA top
LEVIS shorts
ADIDAS shoes (via sarenza)
WOODZEE shades


Sydney coffee tradition

Today’s ‘Pic of the Day’: Having coffee at our favorite coffee spot in Newtown, Cuckoo Calley. The one that’s located in front of the train station and so it has become tradition already to get a coffee here first, before getting on the train! Love any coffee-related tradition 😉

What I’m wearing
UNIQUE21 bodysuit (online soon!)
TONY BIANCO shoes (similar)
WOODZEE white shades