Old School Kicks are making a comeback

Old school kicks are making a comeback and as a nineties girl, I love it!  Yes, I was born in 1986 but I spend most of the childhood years I can actually remember in the nineties. I consider myself a nineties girl.

Anyway, we saw the Adidas Stan Smith’s and Superstar’s making a comeback a few years ago, then Puma came back in style (also thanks to Rihanna), Vans made a huuuge come back last year and now those old school Coverse sneakers. Are they ever out of style anyway?! I had a pair in black already, but scored a white pair at Ziengs too, because why not?! If you’re on the hunt for some old school kicks for the Summer, Ziengs has got you covered!


What I’m wearing:
CONVERSE sneakers via Ziengs (currently on sale!)
GLASSONS t-shirt
GLASSONS leather-look jeans

Finally, the perfect stylish backpack

It’s been a long, long search, but I finally found the perfect stylish backpack! This backpack is part of Daphny Raes her newest collection which you can now buy on Kickstarter or their webshop with discounts up to 40%. Score!

I love supporting upcoming brands and after receiving this backpack, I’m even more happy I did! It’s so gorgeous, minimal and functional! Perfect for traveling or a day in town with my laptop and a pair of flats 😉

What I’m wearing:
ASOS jeans


When I shop, I know what I want and I want to have found it within 20 minutes max. Carrie Bradshaw’s quote ‘Shopping is my cardio’ isn’t meant for me, as 20 minutes won’t burn those chocolate bar calories. This is the reason I like to shop at ‘search engine webshops’. You know, those shops where you simply type in what you’re looking for and hundreds of matching results show up. I work with Kleding.nl and that’s how I get it done in 20 minutes!

In this case I was searching for something holiday-ish, like shorts or a skirt, and a sweater to go with it. A sweater as a holiday item? Yes! No matter where you travel, the nights can cool off so quickly; I always hate it when I forget to bring a sweater. Plus, I love the skirt + sweater combo, especially with cool sandal-boots. And not to forget, some cool shades to go with it!

I’m currently traveling through Australia. Did you know that Australia is 185 times as big as The Netherlands (my home country) and that the whole of Europe fits in Australia? You can imagine that the climate changes as much over here as it does in Europe. Scandinavia is cold, while Spain is hot. Same here, with The Northern Territory and South Australia. Except it’s the opposite over here as Australia is on the other side of the equator. The north is warm and the south is cold. I’m currently traveling through crispy South Australia and that’s why I really needed a “holiday sweater” too!

What I’m wearing:
ASOS sweater, via Kleding.nl
RIVER ISLAND skirt, via Kleding.nl
ASOS shades, via Kleding.nl
BALENCIAGA sandal-boots


When I selected this outfit at Glue Store I simply put something together I thought would look good. Yet when I selected the outfit photos we shot the other day, I realized this look makes me travel through time! Why?

  1. We’ve got a rock band t-shirt like my dad used to wear in the 80ties. I can’t really tell because I only lived in the 80’s for 4 years. Can’t recall memories from 0-4 years old…, but I’ve seen the photos!
  2. We’ve got a bomber jacket like my brother used to wear in the 90’s. Now this I can recall, I thought he looked so stupid! And now I’m wearing it…
  3. We’ve got the old school Vans the cool skater boys at high school used to wear in the 00ies. Plus, I put a knot in my t-shirt like Britney did in 2000.

I know fashion always comes back in style, but this is insane! Yet very awesome, I love this my new “old fashioned” items altogether!

What I’m wearing:
ALL ABOUT EVE bomber jacket
VANS sneakers
SKAGEN hybrid watch

Pop of Orange

What better way to spice up a basic look than with a pair of orange (!) heels?! I love these Aldo babies <3

What I’m wearing:
TOPSHOP shirt (stolen from the boyfriend)
ALDO heels (via sarenza)
CHANEL rock-in-home bag
BY LIA jewelry

Shoe Buddies

When you’re boy and you are shoe buddies.. ♥

What I’m wearing:
CONVERSE all stars (via sarenza)
ASOS jeans
ZARA jumper
CHANEL rock-in-rome flapbag

Transitioning to winter with Marks & Spencer

It’s time to transition to winter with Marks & Spencer knitwear! As exciting as I am about being able to wear knitwear, I must admit that I’m sad to say goodbye to summer.

The summer climate is one of the things I love most about Sydney. Since we arrived in Sydney last September, we had 4 months of bright sun and blue skies. Now that’s what makes me happy! Though I love summer, I can definitely handle winter. I’m a Dutch girl, I have no choice but to braise the cold! I’m used to rain, snow and icy wind that makes you feel as if your head might freeze off. It’s not that I like it, but I’m used to it.

The only thing I like about winter is a winter wardrobe. Yes, I’ll admit I got a bit tired of wearing shorts, shirts and flip-flops for 4 months. It gets tiring believe me. What I love about winter clothing? I love layering, I love oversized coats and I love knitwear. So when I heard about Marks & Spencer knitwear campaign, I checked out their webshop straight away.

Knitwear somehow is always fashionable, whether you are wearing a knitted jumper, a knitted skirt, a knitted scarf (oversized please!) or a knitted beanie. I love it all! Knitwear is stylish and keeps you warm. So when transitioning to a colder season, a knitwear piece is in order. It will keep you warm while you’re still wearing some of you’re favourite last season items, like these summer sandals and autumn trench coat. And what I love about this knitted jumper in particular, is the sleeves. I love a good bell sleeve 🙂

What I’m wearing:
MARKS & SPENCER knitted jumper
MARKS & SPENCER trench coat

This collaboration was sponsored by Marks & Spencer and Shoppinglinks.

Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-2 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-3 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-4 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-5 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-6 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-7 Marks-Spencer-Knitwear-2017-8

Life couldn’t be more ‘bon’

Two things I can’t life without: Oversized jumpers and coffee. Weird combination, but it’s true. Hence the title of this blog post 😉 How awesome is this simple, yet perfect jumper?

What I’m wearing:
BON LABEL jumper
ASOS jeans

White Jeans All Year

Who ever said white jeans can only be worn is Summer is crazy! Okay, so it might be Summer here in Sydney, but still. This is a go-to outfit any time of year right? Love these white distressed jeans so much! You too? They’re on sale now 😉

What I’m wearing:
NOBODY DENIM jeans (on sale)
H&M sweater
WANTED heels

Out-of-my-comfort-zone item

Who’d ever thought I’d own a little red dress with little stars on it? Not me! yet I love this dress, it’s so cute! What you ultimate ‘out-of-my-comfort-zone item’?!

What I’m wearing:
TOPSHOP shades