What you need for a first date (and the story of my first date)

First about the one thing that caught your eye: the dress. I love this dress! Just perfect for the red carpet or a special date.

I must say I don’t quite look like this on my first date. I wore a casual black top and black jeans. I combined it with nude pumps that actually got stuck between two tiles on the way to the café we were going. My shoe stood there as I took a step with a bare foot, with Rick next to me. As I started to cuss, the ice was broken. Rick immediately knew what kind of girl he just met: A tomboy disguised in a female body. The contrast between the two would be even more extreme if I’d worn this female dress.

I think Rick would love this dress, even though he loves the fact that I’m more ‘one of the guys’ then a typical girl. During our second date I wore high heels and a skirt with an extreme slits (this skirt), and he was blown away. I believe that every man, whether he likes tough, sweet, spontaneous or shy girls, loves to see his lady in a female dress and high heeled shoes every now and then.

So, what do you need for a first date?

  • A perfect date-dress
  • Shoes that are tightened to your feet (!)
  • A full-battery phone in case you need your bestie to save you from a horrible date
  • Toothpicks to improve your chances of a first kiss
  • Mints to improve your chances of a second kiss
  • Deodorant to improve your chances period

It’s proven that sent is very important when it comes to first impressions. You might have sprayed yourself with Flowerbomb 10 times, sweaty smells will beat the Viktor & Rolf masterpiece right away. And believe me, you’re going to sweat. Even when you’re having the date in December. I choose NIVEA Invisible Black & White deodorant. It’s made especially to prevent yellow stains on white clothes and white stripes on black clothes. Can you imagine white stripes on this dress? The whole powervibe of this outfit would go down the drain immediately. No thank you?

Want to see the dress in action? Check out this video.

SELF PORTRAIT dress || ALDO shoes (via sarenza) || NIVEA Invisible Black & White deodorant || FABIENNE CHAPOT bag

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