Conscious approach to fashion

Yes! I’m going to fully focus on conscious & fair fashion!

The way I’ve been promoting fast fashion brands & consuming does not match the person I am today. Fast fashion brands produce fast & cheap, & therefore often work in unethical ways with unethical materials. Humans suffer so we can buy $10 shirts. Even though at some level we’re aware of this, we still buy it because we MUST have it. So supply & demand keep reinforcing each other. 

Constant need for more

Where does this constant need for more come from, do we really need all these products? I feel that advertisers but also society focus on things that are missing or that are wrong about our lives & ourselves. Things that can only be fixed when we buy certain products, or when we have a certain lifestyle, job, house, relationship, a certain appearance, and, in terms of fashion, trendy clothing in a certain size. 

By trying to meet these unrealistic standards, we’re saying to ourselves that we’re not good as we are. In terms of my own well-being, not feeling good enough is the thing I struggle with most, so this does not sit well with me. 

My part in this

I participate in this too, as a consumer & influencer. I influence people to buy things they don’t need from brands that exploit humans. Through this, I am in a way promoting human rights violation & I’m saying you’re not good enough, that you need those jeans or shoes to look as trendy as me. 

I felt I couldn’t make a change & still be into fashion. Like I’d have to be a fashion-boycotting activist in order to stand for my beliefs. So I’ve contemplated quitting Instagram until I thought of ways to share healthy style inspiration. 

Healthy style inspiration

I want to show you that you don’t need to constantly consume, follow trends, participate in fast fashion, or wear something different every day to look – & FEEL – good. And when you do consume, I hope to inspire you to do it consciously & sustainably. 

A conscious & fair approach towards fashion doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to buy clothes or it’s wrong to have an interest in fashion & trends. There’s no shame in wanting to look good! And you can look damn good wearing a combo of old clothes, fair fashion brands & vintage items. I’ll prove it, if you stay tuned!

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