Valentines column: Sleeping in his shirt while travelling

As you know, last week I was in Copenhagen with blogger-bestie Esmee. We were there for five days, four nights. Not long at all, but for a girl who has spend every day with her boyfriend since the third week she’s been dating him, it feels quite long. Yes, this blog has got quite an ick-factor. The ick-factor as we know from Sex and the City indeed. I even got a little icky myself while writing this down myself, cause I’ve never been this type of girl. Girlfriend in this case. Luckily I can still be perfectly alone and enjoy time with myself or my friends, but I must say I’ve never been this in love. Hence the Valentines post even though I hate Valentines. Even while being in a relationship I think it’s a bullshit day. I want to give and receive love every day, amen.

Okay, back to our trip to Copenhagen. As a girl in love, I asked my boyfriend to give me his shirt to sleep in while I was away. And as a boy in love, he kindly did. He even sprayed some of his cologne on it. Rick + Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Intense smells yummy!

When we arrived in our stylish and comfy hotel room at Andersen Hotel Copenhagen, I took the shirt out, smelled it and told Esmee with blushing cheeks that Rick gave me his shirt. Her reaction was to pull out the shirt and boxers her boyfriend Oscar gave her to sleep in. OMG, how pathetic yet hilarious are we?! You’ll understand why I had to write this story and take photos of me wearing the shirt. Evidence to my crazy in love state of being.

We took these photos the last day of our trip when the shirt smelled more like Lian + Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium (Yes, we both wear YSL) then the boy’s yummy scent. Luckily I was able to smell the real Rick + Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Intense later that day when I got home 😉


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