Tinder Tales I: The greatest thing about Tinder ain’t the men

It was a warm Summer night in July. I was sitting outside Donovan’s (a bar in my hometown Groningen) around 1AM with my bestie Karen, when I was contemplating installing Tinder for the first time. Even though I was single for three months, I consciously didn’t install it because I wanted to be male-problem free as long as possible. Just be a happy single without wondering when my next date would be, whether he’s going to call or not, or how I’m going to break it off because he has weird teeth. For example.

But this night I was way too “restless” (the type of restless Carrie talks about in Sex and the City. That says enough..). There were no handsome men inside Donovan’s, so I figured I should do the next best thing. Which turned out to be the best thing ever! Yes, this time it’s a woman that’s crazy about Tinder, not a man!

When I spotted a guy I always had a crush on within the first 5 seconds of swiping, Tinder scored it’s first points. The guy turned out to be one that loves to talk about himself way too much, so no, this is not a love story about how I met the love of my life in 10 swipes. As the title tells you, this column isn’t about the men involved in Tinder. It’s about the girls. What?!? No, no, I’m talking about my girlfriend, my bestie, my Tinder-buddy Karen.

Soon 90% of our Whatsapp conversations were made of Tinder print screens; “Look at my new match!”, “I so want this dude to swipe right!” and of course the “Eeew”.

And then there are the updates during the Tinder dates of course. A short message is always good, because there’s no time to update the bestie in between all the flirting. A long message, often coming from the restroom, is bad. And the most fun are the terrified whispering voice-messages: “Girl, you have to get me out of here!”.

The most fun I had though was during our epic Tinder evening. A Tuesday evening in August on my couch with too much wine, lots of chocolate and a little doobie. What can I say, we live in The Netherlands and we know how to have a good time. Karen suggested we’d Tinder (yes, it’s a verb) while being a bit tipsy. And that’s how one of the most memorable evenings in 2015 started out.

We were drooling over hot guys, laughing over losers (sorry, not sorry), fantasizing about possible dates and/or one-night stands and of course we were anticipating matches. “Whoohoo, I got another one!” “Girl, he’s hot, high five!”. We even spotted the same guy at one point, who matched us at exactly the same time. It was hysterical! Tipsy Tindering with your bestie is awesome, I would do it every evening! “Unfortunately” I was tipsy chatting with a guy that same evening who turned out to be more than just a Tinder dude… To be continued!

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