Goodbye Creators, Hello Fashion Hoax

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Happy you found your way to my new blog – I feel like an overexcited talk show host or something! But I am excited to show you my new blog! You probably got here through Creators, but in case you haven’t read my post about my leaving and my current personal situation, here it is:

After two months I can finally say that after 3,5 years I’m leaving Creators of Desire. Well finally… That kinda makes it sound as if I’m relieved to leave, which is not the case. I’ve enjoyed blogging for Creators of Desire and so my eyes were quite teary when I told Anouk that I was ready for something new. I still remember the day she asked me if I would be interested in joining the pact back in 2012. I was actually jumping on the bed, I knew this was an amazing opportunity for a newbie blogger. And as it turns out, it was! 

It can be hard to leave something you love and it can be scary to step outside your comfort zone, but I really feel that this is the right thing to do now. I’ve thought about for almost a year and so I’m excited the moment is finally here! That’s the kind of ‘finally’ I meant in the first place 😉

I really wanted start my ‘new’ blog with a bang, but unfortunately there’s not much banging about my personal life at the moment. I’ve thought about whether I’d share this with you, but since I want to make my new blog more personal, this might be a good start. The sentence above “It can be hard to leave something you love” works two ways at the moment. I lost my father to cancer 1,5 week ago. Yes, that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while and that’s why there’s not a happy picture with 100 balloons added to this post. And also, the big give-aways I’ve organized to celebrate the new and improved Fashion Hoax have to wait a few days.

How am I dealing with this? I knew it was coming so I had some time to get used to it, even though I can hardly put it that way. This is not something you get used to and as it turns out I’m having a harder time right now than I did when it all happened 1,5 week ago. Mourning processes are weird… I try to keep in mind that my father is free of pain now and that we had a lovely last week with the family filled with tears, but also lots of laughter. My dad and his wife were amazing during his illness, such strong and brave people.

So that’s what happening right now. Quite something huh? It’s weird to feel sad and excited at the same time and to mourn and to work at the same time. Luckily I’m on my way to Copenhagen as we speak, were me and my blog buddy Esmee are going to have fun at Fashion Week. A nice way to clear my head.

Before I go, a little shout-out to Mike who helped me build this site. And remember to bookmark my new blog with my old address:




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