7 Things I hate about Instagram

Now a days Instagram isn’t just something you do whenever you feel like it, it’s almost a blog on it’s own. Of course it’s a choice I make myself, I can stop whenever I want. But I don’t, I love Instagram, always have. I can really enjoy posting a cool photo and getting exciting comments on it. But sometimes… Sometimes I just hate it. And today is apparently the day to complain about it. Can’t wait to read your comments on this one!! Does this sound familiar to you?

1. Never being able to enjoy a moment without thinking of how to capture it on your iPhone
This is the thing I hate the most. And no matter how hard you try to enjoy the moment, that little Instagram devil is always whispering in your ear “Take a photo, take a photo!”.

2. The pressure of having a perfect life
I so do not have the perfect life. I don’t live in a stylish city, I’m not always wearing an amazing outfit, I’m not always eating macarons from Ladurée while holding a Chanel bag with my long fingers with perfectly painted nails. And if I do have a perfect-ish moment, there’s no one around to take a photo.

3. Never being able to eat right after the waiter placed the plate in front of you
Yup, we always have to take a picture first.

4. Always posting after the moment passed because you had to edit your photo
Which often takes about 15 minutes and often you have something else to do by then.. Moment passed big time, it’s going to be a #latergram.

5. Not having a photo ready that fits your feed
And therefore not posting for a day. Not good.

6. Getting frustrated because that awesome photo didn’t get as much likes as the crappy one you posted earlier
Why? Why?!

7. Turning into a greedy, ungrateful monster
I was almost ready with this list when Anouk wrote about how greedy Instagram makes you. It’s so true. When browsing through a feed including the newest it-shoes by Isabel Marant, YSL clutches, beautiful hotel rooms and interiors that could be featured in a home magazine, I feel that I want that too. And all of a sudden my new Zara bag is crap and everything else I was happy about for a minute.

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