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Working, eating and flying a drone in Kuala Lumpur

If you follow me on YouTube or Instagram you’ll know I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a while. Rick’s father and stepmom life here and this pretty city has been sort of our home four three weeks. From here we went to Phuket (Thailand), Penang (Malaysia) and Singapore, all for a few days. In between we did a lot of working (we’re still getting used to Final Cut Pro..), flying a drone, eating, eating, eating and creating content. And of course enjoying the Chanel bag 😉

A few pictures to recap the first weeks and below the vlogs about Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy!

Wearing: MODSTROM dress |  LOUBOUTIN shoes

kl12x kl22x

Recording, recording, recording. Whether it’s with our Sony vlog camera or the DJI drone, we’re filming it all for you!


Say goodbye to my bikini body, we’ve been stuffing ourselves with so much great food! Rick’s father and stepmom love taking the whole family out to dinner, to places that serve amazing food and places with gorgeous night views.

And to put the images to a story, the vlogs!

Spotting dolphins at a paradise island in Thailand

During our holiday in Phuket Thailand, we did a boat trip to Koh Mai Thon. An amazing Island, like paradise! And the cool thing: we spotted dolphins while sailing to the island!

Next to dolphins we saw lots of colorful fish while snorkeling. I had never done that before, but I really enjoyed it. Not just because of the fish, also because Rick’s face looks hilarious with goggles on! I laughed so hard, salty sea water ran in my mouth haha! Check out the vlog to see it and of course these amazing pictures Rick took. Can you believe he’s just a newbie photographer?!

Enjoy and see you next time!

Wearing: H&M bikini & shorts || LACOSTE flipflops (via sarenza)||  THULE crossover backpack || TOMMY HILFIGER sunnies || SONY vlog camera

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Singapore Travel Tips & Vlog – Why I loved SG

On the itinerary: a quick trip to Singapore. It should have been a long trip to Singapore. What a great city! Beautiful architecture (modern metropolis meets old England, loved it!), great atmosphere, compact and not too crowded. Some people call Singapore ‘Singabore’ from the word boring. Maybe the city gets boring after a few weeks, but I could just walk around Singapore for days and not get bored. Just looking around and enjoying the view. If I did, I could unfortunately not do a shop-stop, coffee-stop or lunch-stop. Singapore is very, very expensive! It’s truly the only thing we didn’t like about the city.

Have a ‘Singapore Sling’ at beautiful Raffles (and than you’re broke)

In what way is Singapore expensive? For example, we ordered the signature Singapore cocktail, the Singapore Sling, at The Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel. The Raffles Hotel is located in a beautiful building. Think marble floors, pillars, ornaments and long white halls. The ultimate Instagram-spot! Okay Lian, back to the drinks at The Long Bar. Or rather not, because our drinks (one Singapore Sling cocktail and two bottles of water) cost us $70 (€47). It was a cute bar, the service, atmosphere and drinks were very good, therefore I’d recommend it. But if you’re on a budget, this will be the last place in Singapore you will have a drink. Cause after this you’ll be broke. Better to a bottle of water from the groceries store with you..

Lloyd’s Inn, a touch of nature within the city

What else did we do, next to spending a lot of money on one cocktail? First of all, we stayed at Lloyd’s Inn the first two nights. Also an Instagram-spot! Lloyd’s Inn is a boutique hotel that offers a touch of nature within Singapore city, as they state themselves. That’s totally true. There’s a beautiful green garden with dipping pool outside and I believe most of the rooms have a little garden / an outside place as well. For example, our bathroom was outside. Sounds a bit scary, but it was a really cool experience to shower outside between the rock and leaves. Nature is a big part of the hotel, but so is concrete, hard shapes and texture. It created an urban, raw look and feel. I told you, it’s an Instagram-spot!

We stayed in one of the business rooms, which was compact and comfortable. The ground floor was a bit too compact for me personally. I did really love the bedroom on the second floor though. Created a very cozy feeling and the bed was very nice. Also a bit small, but I don’t mind cuddling up to Rick 😉 Check out the vlog for a full room tour!

The Lloyd’s Inn is centrally located near the Orchard Road, the big shopping street of Singapore. If you would spend all your money at Orchard Street, you could luckily have a cheap, but good Asian meal at Killiney Street, just around the corner.

Walk to see as much of Singapore’s beauty – and then take a cab home!

From Lloyd’s Inn we walk to Raffles Hotel and further to The Merlion Park to view the light and water show at Marina Bay Sands. The walk is do-able, but you can also take the bus for just $2,20 or the cab for just $10. One thing that’s not expensive in Singapore. I’d recommend walking though, because you’ll get to see lots of beautiful buildings like Chijmes, the National Gallery and the Arts House. You can always take a cab (they’re everywhere) or bus back. At this point you’d be at Downtown Core, according to Google Maps. We loved this area! You can walk further towards the Singapore River to spot beautiful skyscrapers and light-up bridges (one had rainbow light whoohoo!). You could have a drink at the riverside which is very nice, but also expensive. Two beers for $36 (€24). You decide whether it’s worth it.


As for hotspots, we didn’t really know where the hotspots are in Singapore and after that Singapore Sling, we didn’t really look for it either. We just started our journey, so we can’t really spend too much at cute breakfast spots, coffee bars and restaurants already. We’ve still got Australia – also very expensive – to go. Such a shame, cause I love discovering hotspots.

My tip: Check out the Singapore geotags on Instagram. Apparently, people in Singapore love to share where they had food and drinks! I saw some really nice places that made me consider spending 30% of our travel budget at one place. Okay, I might be exaggerating, I haven’t been to these places. I’d just recommend taking a full wallet with you to Singapore, next to recommending Singapore period.

Check out the pictures and vlog below to see the written story come together! And stay tuned, cause Singapore part deux and several outfit shoots are coming soon!

Places I chilled at & brands I wore:
LLOYD’S INN 2 Lloyd Road, Singapore
LONG BAR 1 Beach Rd, Singapore
COTTON ON halter bikini top
LEVI’S vintage denim shorts
TOPSHOP strapless top
CHANEL crossbody bag
SENSO ankle boots (via sarenza)

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The Big Dubai Blog

Our big world trip started last week after saying goodbye to our friends and family at Schiphol Airport. From now on it’s just the two of us for the next 2-5 years. Good thing we like each other 😉 The trip started off with 5 days in Dubai. We arrived late in the evening when it was still 35 degrees Celsius. Extremely hot when you’re used to Dutch temperatures! We stayed at a hotel nearby the airport and went on to The Address Dubai Marina hotel the next morning. What happened the following hours was unreal. A car picked us up at the airport and took us to the hotel, where we were awaited by the hotel manager, marketing manager and general manager. He greeted us with ‘Goedemiddag’, which is good afternoon in Dutch. The general manager is actually Dutch, how coincidental is that?!

But the fun really started when we went to our room. A suite bigger than our home in Groningen. Excuses me, our old home, we don’t have a home anymore. Home is where the backpack is now. Anywho, I knew the hotel was really nice, but this.. This was simply amazing! You’ve probably seen it on our vlog. We felt like the King and Queen. And not just because of the room or the pretty hotel, the service was amazing. I understand a five star hotel means good service, but the staff was so nice and helpful. The marketing manager actually congratulate us on the registered partnership, cause she saw this photo on Instagram and recognized Rick’s tattoo sleeve since he always wears t-shirts now-a-days.

She hooked us up with dinner at restaurant Shades next to the infinity pool, brunch at restaurant Mazina (inside the hotel) and Iftar. It was Ramadan in Dubai and Iftar is the meal Muslims eat after fasting. In case of The Address Hotel, it means having a meal in a beautiful ballroom filled with food. Any kind of food, whole lots of food! We gained five pounds after we left The Address.

After our stay at the Marina district, we went to stay in Al Barsha. It’s near the Burj Al Arab which we went to see the same night. Nearby is the Souk Mardinat, where we had some food, drinks, shisha and where we enjoyed the beautiful view.

During the last days we went to see the gold souk in old Dubai and of course we checked out Burj Khalifa. It’s next to The Dubai Mall where we did some last minute shopping and ate Magnolia Bakery’s red velvet cupcake. You wouldn’t believe the stores they have in Dubai malls. Stores we don’t have in Groningen, The Netherlands or even Europe! Dubai has a very western vibe, even though it’s Arabic. It’s very modern at places, but also out-dated when you go further than Dubai. We went for a road trip to the desert for example, which is a very different place. No luxury, no tall buildings, just desert, camels and crappy cars. Never the less it was awesome driving through the dessert and seeing this part of the United Arab Emirates.

All and all we had a great time in Dubai and really want to go back for a longer amount of time! Stay tuned for the following Dubai vlogs to see all the above through video. You can subscribe here.

So now we’re on to the next destination. Where we’re off to? Not telling you yet, so stay tuned 😉

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What To Do in New York: Route around Times Square & 42nd Street

It’s been a while since I visited New York. I really miss it.. Luckily 2016 will be filled with awesome travel trips, but more about that later! In case you’re going to New York soon, I thought it might be nice to share some tips. Cause at this point New York is still number one on my list! I’m starting off with tips around Times Square en 42nd Street, since my favorite hotel is located at the corner of 42nd & 10th zit. That’s tip number 1:


Even though I’d love to stay in downtown Manhattan, I keep coming back to Yotel because it’s so central in Mid-Mahattan. Plus, the hotel is simply very good. But the all-window rooms are the main reason to stay here!


Our day started at the Theatre Row Diner every morning, I told you about this place already. It’s a very simple yet cute diner. They serve good food for a good price: American Pancakes, coffee or tea and juice for $6,95. Yes! I’m never on a diet when I’m in New York 😉


After breakfast je can walk down 42nd Street towards Times Square. No need to explain why you have to go here. Next to lots of sightseeing, you can go shopping here, for example at the huge ass H&M en Forever 21. Yet I prefer shopping in Soho, since Times Square is complete madness. That’s another great thing about 42nd Street, you can jump in a subway everywhere to any place in New York.


After the Times Square madness you can relax at Bryant Park. Even though this is a tiny park, I find it very impressive. When in Central Park you’re in a totally different place, but Bryant Park is so in the middle of the city. Yet it’s a couple of square foot of complete peace and quiet. People come here to read a bit of have some lunch, so cool. In the winter you can ice-skate here, also very nice to do.


Bryant Park is located behind the Public Library, which you should also check out. It’s a beautiful building and so is the inside. Great architecture, lots of books and lots of quietness. It’s impressive – and even more when you love the first Sex and The City movie.


After your Public Library visit you could walk down Fifth Avenue, but you could also walk down 42nd Street a bit towards Grand Central Station. This is the main station in New York and has the most platforms in the world. The architecture of the main hall is very impressed and the hall bellow is kinda like an indoor food market. Lots to see and to do.. uh eat here.


Right behind the Grand Central is the Chrysler Building. Together with The Flat Iron Building it’s my favorite building in New York. Unfortunately you can’t go inside, it’s a real business building. But just standing in front of it is pretty awesome.

The cool thing about 42nd Street are all the must-sees. I know for sure there are 4 to 5 must-sees on 42nd Street that are on your ‘must-see in New York’ list!

newyork_todo52x newyork_todo32x

A week in Tel Aviv

Spend a week in a warm country while it’s 5 degrees in The Netherlands? Uh yeah! I don’t really get that Dutch people go on holiday anyway when it’s warm in The Netherlands. So the idea of leaving for Israel in December got me really excited. And the fact that it was the first vacation with my boyfriend wasn’t that bad either 😉

We spend four days in Tel Aviv, the first two nights at Prima City Hotel and the last nights at Prima Hotel Tel Aviv. Prima Hotels is a great hotel chain, very well catered with friendly staff. And the location.. Lord, the location! Prima City Hotel is nearby the beach, but Prima Hotel actually looks over the beach! Our view made me feel like a million bucks. If you’re planning to go to Tel Aviv, Prima Hotels really is a great hotel to stay. Both hotels provided bicycles and as Dutchies we cycled our butts off! You wouldn’t think so, but Tel Aviv is a cycle-city. You can cycle along the beach on the promenade for example to the port or the other way to the old city Jaffa. Very pretty, especially at night.

Next to cycle possibilities, Tel Aviv is quite a Western city because of the trendy restaurants, bars, clubs and street style. If you forget the men in Kippahs and hats, there are quite a few stylish people in Tel Aviv. You’d almost forget you’re in the Middle East. That changes when you’re in Jerusalem. The last day of our trip we drove to Jerusalem and walked through the Old City all day. The Old City is like a big maze with small paths and religious highlights. We saw the Western Wall, walked by the Dome of the Rock and the Arab Market. It’s a very impressive city.

All and all, we had a lovely five days in Israel. It was a holiday filled with sun, beach, sea, Western vibes, Middle Eastern vibes, history, culture and religion. So thanks Prima Hotels for having us! We will definitely be back soon 🙂

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Coffee in Paris with Esmee & (Hotel) Edgar

Was it already a month ago that I was in Paris with Esmee? Yes, time freakin’ flies.. We were in Paris to do some shooting and because of that we hardly saw anything of the city of love. Luckily Esmee and I have got lot’s of love in between us, so we didn’t miss out that much 😉

We stayed at Hotel Edgar in the second district. I’ve been to Paris a few times, but never in this district. It’s not the most luxury district, yet I liked it because it’s cosy and it’s a very central location. Also, it’s not an expensive neighbourhood since it’s not that touristic. Great for my wallet!

Even though we didn’t have that much time, we made some time to visit the Eiffel Tower (Hello, we were in Paris!) and we also planned a little relaxing moment at the hotel with some coffee, before heading back to Le Pays-Bas. Cause next to a hotel Edgar is a great restaurant / bar where you can get someting to eat or drink. Or to sit down with your laptop and do some work, like we did.  #lifeofablogger 😉

HOTEL EDGAR 31 rue d’Alexandrie, 75002 Paris

About the outfit:
H&M trousers
ALDO pumps (via sarenza)