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And then you see yourself on national television

This title makes it sounds as if I didn’t know I was gonna be on tv. Which is kinda true, since I forgot and texted my friends and family 5 minutes before I was ‘on air’. Oops.. But of course I knew, we shot this look a few weeks back with Fashionchick and Net5. And I had such a blast while shooting the commercial. So it’s not just that I’m proud to be on tv or that I love this look (which I do, I love this jacket so much!) or that I love my hairdo (Thank Suraya!), it also reminds me of a great day with amazing people like photographer¬†Milan and stylist/glitziegal¬†Amanda.

So I’m featured in ‘Elke dag een look’ (A look everyday) on national television during prime time. How cool is that! My second look was aired yesterday and my third look will be shown Sunday at 17.15, 21.15, 00.00 and 01.00 on Net5 (for the Dutchies). Let me know what you think!