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Sydney coffee tradition

Today’s ‘Pic of the Day’: Having coffee at our favorite coffee spot in Newtown, Cuckoo Calley. The one that’s located in front of the train station and so it has become tradition already to get a coffee here first, before getting on the train! Love any coffee-related tradition 😉

What I’m wearing
UNIQUE21 bodysuit (online soon!)
TONY BIANCO shoes (similar)
WOODZEE white shades

My favorite accessory

I am a sucker for watches. I hardly wear any jewelry, but I always wear a watch. No bracelets, but a watch. Therefore I always choose plain watches that match any outfit. I’ve got an all black one, an all grey one, a white one with a hint of gold, even an all navy one! Yet I can never have enough and incase you’re just like me, this is you lucky day! I selected a range of beautiful, plain, timeless watches for you (and me, ssst!).




Chilling at the pool

Todays Pic of the Day: A random ‘I’m chilling at the pool’ post. This shot was taken at our hotel in Cambodia. If you’re planning on going to Siem Reap, this is the place to stay! Check out our Cambodia vlog to see why!

What I’m wearing:
LEVI’S shorts (on sale!) & shirt
DIOR scarf

The number one thing you need in your closet

Remember that post about me being re-united with my leather jacket? And that I love it so much, it might win from the ultimate fashion item in the world a.k.a. my Chanel bag? With everyone responding so understanding, I figured I might do a ‘Leather Jacket’ post. Cause to me a leather jacket is the number one thing you need to have in your closet. So todays ‘Pick of the day’ are a few picks: The best black leather jackets you can get at the moment.

I prefer real leather, cause it lasts a lifetime (well, almost), like first three these from Tommy Hilfiger, McGregor and Goosecraft. I totally understand though that you cannot randomly buy a €300 jacket, so here are a few affordable picks as well. All under €50! See the shop links below.


My picks:
H&M jacket (on sale!), JDY jacket, H&M jacket



How do we feel about our ultimate urban artists going Electric?

Normally I can’t really appreciate music artists going into a complete different directions because a certain genre is popular at the moment. Like Jennifer Lopez. She went from making poppy R&B/Latin songs to making club music and booty-shake songs. Jenny, thank you for getting me down on the dancefloor, but I’m a bit disappointed. You were one of my favorite urban-millennium-music-icons, I sang Spanish because of you!

Then there’s Usher, who went from the ultimate R&B artist to making house music. His 2012 album is called ‘Looking 4 Myself’ and it’s clear to me that he did lose himself. I do appreciate his latest album though, called ‘Hard 2 Love’. Not hard to love at all! The urban vibes shine through the electronic sounds and I happen to love electronic urban, as I like to call it.

Therefore I love Alicia Keys her new direction. Not just her direction in music, how about her no-make-up face? She’s gorgeous! Back to the music. When I heard the first tunes of In Common I felt some disappointment: Another artist stepping out of the genre he/she excels in. But two seconds later I was sold. I love this song and the soft part of her voice fits perfectly with this music. It’s my new jam, even though it’s been months since she released it. Sorry, I’m just not that girl I used to be, following the charts every day. Which was only because I was a big Spice Girls fan and wanted to check if they were still at number one 😉

So even though you probably heard it, I had to share In Common, today’s pick of the day!

The best Instagram plan app, the solution to all your Insta-problems

Before we go into the Instagram plan app goodness: this is not a sponsored post. This is something I’m so excited about, I just had to share it. Let’s go!

I found the solution to all you Instagram problems! Well I didn’t really, Rick did when he got tired of me cussing at my phone. If you’re an Instagrammer, you’ll probably know what happened.

That time a year I hate my Insta-feed

It was one of those days I have a few times a year, when I totally hate my Instagram feed and I want another look. I try several new filters (meaning: spend $15 to get all the good ones from VSCO cam), try different lightning options, different color options…

After a while I think I found it, but then I try the same thing on another photo, and it looks like shit. Frustrated I go on to the next filter, while maybe I should have sticked to that first option a few photos more and see what it would look like in a ‘3 times 3 in a row’ Instagram setting.

I’ve tried to put my potential Insta-photos in a separate folder on my iPhone, but that’s ‘6 times 4 in a row’. Totally different story. I could create a template on my computer and upload all my edited photos into that one, but I’m just not that disciplined. It has to be easy. And that’s where Mosaico comes in!

Finding a solution

Rick was clever enough to google ‘Instagram feed preview app’ when I was about to delete my Instagram account. Or better yet, I was too dump and too stubborn not to google… He found Carrie’s post on Instagram plan apps and I felt reborn. So actually she found the solution to your Instagram problems and I’m just trying to get away with the credits 😉

Everybody, drag & drop!

What makes Mosaico so special? It adds your Insta-feed into the app and then you can add photos you’re thinking of posting. With the drag and drop feature you drag/(re)place the photos with your fingers to try different fits. Hallelujah, the easiest way to see what fits best! You can add captions and hashtags to your photos and they won’t get lost when you drag the photo somewhere else.

Speaking of hashtags: The app remembers the hashtags you use most and you can even create so called ‘tag clouds’, a collection of hashtags for different content. For example, I’ve got a ‘Fashion cloud’ for my outfit posts, A ‘Bali cloud’ for my Bali posts, and so on.

You can select four post times in the app and schedule your post for these times. You’ll get a notification when it’s time to post and if you’ve already added your caption and tags, it’s just a few clicks until your new Insta-photo is published.

A small price to pay

There is a teeny tiny downside to all this goodness and that is that the app costs $5,99. But to me it’s 1000% worth the price! For $1 more you can add an extra account to the app, if you’d like to.

Are you using this app too? Was it the answer to your Insta-prayers as well?


What I’m wearing:
H&M jeans (cut off myself)
SENSO heels (via sarenza)

When in Australia… (The Joy of Shopping)

Get yourself a pair of Tony Bianco shoes! It’s so nice to be able to buy items by Australian brands I already spotted when I was in The Netherlands, but couldn’t get over there. The perfect pair of weird, cool sneakers to wear to Fashion Weekend Sydney later today! Oh, and how convenient is that book title?!

What I bought

Sydney Views

Today’s pic of the day: Looking over the South Pacific Ocean from Shark Point, Clovelly Australia. So beautiful! A post about this amazing coast to coast route will follow soon!

A new start: From Fashion Hoax to Lian Galliard

Four years ago I published my blog with one simple click, not knowing that today it would be my job. I’m very thankful for all the wonderful encounters, trips, events, nominations, features and collaborations Fashion Hoax has brought me.

Despite of all the amazing things I’ve accomplished as a blogger, I still am a true Fashion Hoax: to me there’s more than just fashion. I realize that more and more now that I’m getting older (the big 3-0 is around the corner!) and now that I’m traveling. But what I realize most is I blog according to what is expected from the so called fashionblogger, instead of blogging about what’s really happening in my life. And I lead a pretty awesome life, if I may say so myself, as I left my home behind to travel the world for an indefinite period of time. At the moment I live in fashionable Sydney.

So now what, no more fashion?

Will you not be blogging about fashion anymore? That will never happen, fashion is my thing. It has been ever since I tried on my mothers clothes as a little girl for the first time. And today I still love the dress-up parties I have every morning.

But next to fashion I also love traveling and writing. I’m sort of a little Carrie Bradshaw, minus 50 pairs of Manolo’s. They wont fit in my backpack. And let’s not forget that I don’t have the money for it..

I want to blog about what I like and a first step in the good direction is a name change: From Fashion Hoax to Lian Galliard. That’s me btw, hi! will be filled with columns about thirty-something female problems, travel tips and travel stories, and good old outfit photo’s. But also random ‘Pic(k)s of the day’ without further explanation. Just because I can on my own personal blog.

She’s crazy! Is she?

Some people might think this is the stupidest thing I could do, for me it’s something that finally get’s me excited again. Pushing the ‘Publish’ or ‘Share’ button is so much more fun when you put something online that you truly stand for. And if other people like it as well, well that’s just awesome!