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Vintage Feels

Hi loves! I’m so feeling this vintage look with the old school checked Vans, the Levi’s and the vintage color of that sweater! Here’s what I’m wearing:

LEVI’S 501 jeans
VANS slip-ons

Grey Vibes

Hi loves, thanks for visiting my blog and checking out this look. I love a good oversized shirt on a pair of tight skinny jeans! Here’s what I’m wearing:

ZARA grey shirt (similar $24 & similar $18)
VANS old skool sneakers

AU & NZ Giveaway: Win these leather boots!

Discovered an amazing shoe brand called Jo Mercer  I teamed up with them so my followers from Australia & New Zealand can win these gorgeous leather ankle boots worth AU$249.95! You can join via my Instagram!

What I’m wearing:
JO MERCER betcha boots
ASOS jeans (now on sale!)
VINTAGE acdc shirt

New jeans

Hi loves, thanks for visiting my blog! Here’s what I’m wearing:

TOPSHOP moto jeans
LOUIS VUITTON vintage bag
SUNNY CORDS sunglasses chains

Sunny Girlboss

Living in another country goes hand in hand with meeting new people. Sometimes inspiring people, like Florine, the owner of Sunny Cords. She moved from The Netherlands (hello fellow Dutchie!) to Sydney for work. She was desperately looking for sunglasses cords, which in The Netherlands, is very common. Instead of looking any further, she decided to make her own. Today her company Sunny Cords is so successful, that she had to cut her working hours in half. So next to her part-time job, she’s a parttime girlboss! Or probably full-time, as most girlbosses work 24/7 at their passion.

No matter how nice or inspiring people are, I won’t wear or use products that don’t fit me. And tell them to their faces, cause that’s the Dutch way to do it, haha! But I love the idea of Sunny Cords and I think sunglasses cords are gonna be the must-have thing next Summer! Let’s see if I’m right 😉


What I’m wearing:
SUNNY CORDS sunglass cords
LEVI’S vintage shorts
DIOR vintage scarf worn as belt



A few weeks ago I went to The Netherlands. I always enjoy trips home, but not only because I get see my friends and family. Also because I loooove shopping in The Netherlands. Why? The seasons are opposite in Australia. We are actually behind fashion-wise, which for a fashion freak quite sucks! When it’s Winter and the Dutchies can buy the newest Autumn/Winter collections, like gorgeous new winterjackets and overknee boots (it’s way too hot in Sydney for those beautiful things!), us in Australia are still in Summer and are stuck with the old Spring/Summer collections. You can imagine that I love checking out the latest collections, the ones that are actually inspired by the current runway trends. So when I’m in The Netherlands, I shop.

My trips in The Netherlands are always crazy: Moving around between friends in Amsterdam, family in Groningen (2 hours north of Amsterdam) and my in-laws in Emmen (1 hour south of Groningen). So I actually hardly have time to shop. That’s why I love shopping at It’s a ‘search engine webshop’, so I can check out all the brands I love at once. Perfect for me!

What I’m wearing

ASOS top (via
ASOS sunglasses (via
VANS sneakers

On my way with Country Road

A new pair of rocking jeans and a coffee to go, while exploring Melbourne. My life as a coffee addict and jeans addict, couldn’t be better!

What I’m wearing:
WANTED heels


Marks & Spencer is currently working with a theme called ‘Life. Spend it well.’. Because I’ve collaborated with this great brand before, they asked me with I think is the best way to spend life well, or better yet, getting the most out of life.
When I think of getting the most out of life, I think of my favorite Instagram accounts. A life well spent is a life traveling to the most beautiful places, eating lots of yummy bad food yet still looking like Gigi Hadid, wearing your vintage Chanel with your new Gucci, sharing it with hundreds of followers online and always being happy. I tried to live that life and I guess I got quite close. I left my home in The Netherlands to travel the world, I’ve got a Chanel bag, over 75K followers on Instagram and I can eat quite unhealthy without turning into Miss Piggy. The only thing missing was my happiness.

Pressure of the perfect picture

The pressure of the perfect insta life made me unable to enjoy the things that were happening around me. I was constantly looking for the right shot to shoot a ‘Look at me, I lead an awesome life!’ photo. I had the perfect travel insta life, yet I felt totally lost. Why? I was focussing on what others liked to see, instead of focussing on what I liked to do.

I took an Insta-break and when I arrived in Sydney I slowly picked up my phone and laptop again. In January 2017 my boyfriend, Rick, and I were asked to create content for my old employee in The Netherlands, a Dutch watch & jewelry web shop. Why? Because he liked my Instagram content so much. The content I was so unhappy with!

Rick and I took on the challenge and realized we are a great content creating team. From then on we started doing more fashion shoots. We would go for a coffee, explore a new neighborhood in Sydney and if we would find a cute spot to shoot, we’d take out our camera. And after the shooting, there was no pressure anymore. We got the shot, our job is done. That’s how we’ve been doing it ever since.

Feeling comfortable and at home

Taking away the travel/lifestyle part out of my content was a great decision. I love not having to photograph everything I do. Believe me, 90% of the things I do aren’t Insta-perfect! Plus, I don’t really enjoy traveling that much. Yes, I want to see what the world has to offer, but I realized that I’m way happier being in a place that makes me feel at home. Sydney is that place for me right now and from there on we’re taking trips. Next up: Bali, Malaysia, and Vietnam!

Enjoy life to the fullest (in jeans!)

Anyway, to answer Marks & Spencer’s question, after a way too long introduction: I enjoy life to the fullest when I’m browsing around a cool city with my love Rick. Grab a coffee to go, take some cool photos, walk around a bit and treat ourselves to a burger and a beer afterward. No fancy restaurants, cool hotspots, tropical beaches or infinity pools, just a great city where I feel comfortable.

I also realized over the past year that I love doing all this while wearing jeans. So to make this story complete, I put on Marks & Spencer’s latest mom jeans during this shoot. Investing in clothes you really love is also a way of enjoying life. Why purchase the latest trends, when you can buy something you’ll feel great in for years? I have a few favorite jeans – these Marks & Spencer ones being one of them – and every time I put them on I feel like a million bucks. I combined these jeans with a white shirt (cause those are always in style!) and a pair of gold pumps to spice things up a little 🙂

How do you get the most out of life?

What I’m wearing:
MARKS & SPENCER mom jeans
MARKS & SPENCER white shirt
MARKS & SPENCER gold pumps
MARKS & SPENCER leather bag
MARKS & SPENCER lace white bra

In collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Shoppinglinks


M&S-mom-jeans-7 M&S-mom-jeans-5 M&S-mom-jeans-4 M&S-mom-jeans-2 M&S-mom-jeans-1 M&S-mom-jeans-1-2