About Lian

Hi! I’m Lian, a content creator and so-called influencer at @liangalliard.

Start of my online career

I’m originally from the Netherlands, where I kicked off my online career. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and worked in marketing. I wanted to do something creative with my passion for fashion and so I started a fashion blog in 2012. 

Soon I became part of one of the leading European blogger collectives, Creators of Desire, was nominated for a Dutch ELLE Award in 2015, and Grazia UK called me one of the 15 influencers to follow in 2016. Score!

Regardless of my success in The Netherlands, my partner and I decided to travel the world. We quit our jobs, ended our lease, sold our stuff and went off with our backpacks, laptops and a camera. After three months we arrived in Sydney and fell in love with the city. We decided to cancel our travel plans and stay. 

Insta succes

At this point, I was stuck business-wise. Instagram had taken over the world of blogging and though I had a decent amount of followers, my account was at a stop. Though I kept posting on a regular basis, my Instagram profile didn’t grow for over a year! 

So in 2017, I decided to make a change and treat my Instagram like a real business. I stopped posting all things I loved, picked a clear niche (basic personal style), and came up with a clear strategy. And that’s when the magic happened. 

My Instagram took off and partnership requests where flying in my mailbox out of nowhere, and early 2018 Instagram was my full-time job. A lot of brands were also interested in content creation, which also became a big part of the job.

A change

While I was at my height business-wise, personally I was at my lowest. I had some physical issues which eventually led to mental issues, and I suffered from depression and anxiety. From the outside, it seemed like I was living an amazing influencer life in the greatest city in the world, but inside a lot was missing. 

Eventually, we moved back to The Netherlands and I started thinking of other options. Though Instagram brought me amazing opportunities, it also created a lot of pressure. Having to create content that would keep my followers satisfied and give my clients the best results, and being rated by likes daily. The likes became more important than the joy of creating. 

This when I realized I needed to switch from constantly executing, back to creating. Where I used to get excited by creating drawings and paintings as a child, I now get excited by creating aesthetically pleasing social feeds and other branding features. 

New energy!

Because of my marketing background and my love for creating, I constantly come up with business concepts, both strategic and visual. Since I don’t want to be executing myself, I decided to focus on helping brands with content creation, social media strategies, and branding. Now that gives me new energy! And so here we are, ready for a new chapter.

Want to know more about my work? Have a look at my portfolio. Want to get in touch? Hit me up with an email, whether it’s for business or personal purposes: lian@liangalliard.com.