About Lian


I’m Lian Galliard, a blogger, vlogger, writer and columnist (I’m a busy girl!) from the Netherlands. You might know me as the blogger behind Fashion Hoax, my previous blog.

After getting my Bachelor of Communications, I started working as a copywriter for an Internet company. Because I also wanted to create content about my personal interests, I started my blog in 2012. What better way to express my passion for fashion and writing than on a blog, and inspire anyone who might be interested? I never thought that so many people would be interested! Nowadays my blog is my meal ticket and I’m very thankful for that.


Despite of all the amazing encounters, trips, events, nominations, features and collaborations my fashion blog brought me, I wasn’t happy anymore. I realized that I was blogging according to what’s expected from the typical fashion blogger. Instead of blogging about what was really happening in my life. And I lead a pretty awesome life, as I left my home and everything I owned to travel the world. Now it’s just me, my man Rick, my laptop, my backpack and my Chanel bag. I know what’s important 😉

Not long ago I changed my blog name from Fashion Hoax to Lian Galliard, a first step in the right direction. Now I blog about fashion and travel in the broadest sense, and I write a weekly column about all types of thirty-something female issues. Cause the one thing I love more than fashion and travel is writing.


At the moment I’m living in Sydney. My days are filled with getting to know this beautiful, fashionable city, meeting new people, working on my blog, vlog and working as a freelance content creator.

Want to know more about my work as a blogger and/or as a writer? Have a look at my portfolio. Want to get in touch? Hit me up with an email, whether is for business or personal purposes: lian@liangalliard.com.

Talk soon,

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